Luca, the bullied child, excluded until the last day of school.

Luca, the little boy who sent a letter to our editors he told of his discomfort at school, of his anguish of feeling mocked, isolated, the target of teasing as sharp as blades. If he suffers from a cognitive deficit, he only needs those who help him to go (and without even much effort) the educational and social path that allows him to realize the life he deserves.

We then told about him and his accidents at a school in a small town in Campobasso province. Where, when the article was published, many felt in doubt. Well! It’s meant. If they felt in doubt, in the face of this condemnation of love, there will be reflections and awareness from the families, the other children, the teachers, which will lead to a review of the relationship with Luca. Which will erase any misunderstandings (we called them so hopeful until the end, it might just be misunderstandings) and then we start all over again. With mutual support, solidarity and sharing.

That was not the case. And what one hoped could be misunderstandings has instead reinforced the worst fears. Those of discrimination, isolation, the ghost of bullying also fed by parents who are not very likely to scold the “bossetti” children around the country with crew follow.

This time Luca is not writing. The two letters that arrived at the editorial office belong to two mothers who witnessed the behavior towards Luca. Compared to Luca, little or nothing has changed and they tell it to them. In fact, Luca is now forced to suffer mockery and mockery even on the street because he has decided to publicly tell his emotional distress.

“The first day of school and the last day of school are different, the boys are excited – says one of the two mothers – The first day they meet again and the last day, tired after so many months of study, they let out the steam with a collective cry accumulated excitement and these moments will remain forever in their hearts “.

That was not the case for Luca. “Yesterday I witnessed the real failure of the school in the country where I live. Seeing Luca be the only child who went out alone with her teacher left an indescribable pain in my heart. Many were present and everyone should have felt the same embarrassment and sense of failure as I did when I saw the scene with a little boy who on his last day of school was ‘escorted’ by a school staff member without being able to attend the festivities, happy, with his comrades, because his comrades of Luca’s happiness do not care ‘.

Bullying in the classroom between indifference and silence in school and families: “You do not have to love me, but do not humiliate me”

“All of this is not fair. This is the school of failure that hides behind beautiful projects, words, conferences and aid interventions following a complaint that has been transformed into actions of further discrimination and not integration. It is a shame.”

The other mother who writes goes even further: “I live in the same city as Luca, which I recognized in his letter because I am witnessing gestures and actions towards this child that are reprehensible. I am also the mother of a child with a disability and many have asked me if that child was my son. And I asked myself: why are they asking me? They care about my son while everyone knows it and choose to keep quiet. “

And condemns: “Bullying goes in addition to school. After your article, I came to see and hear absurd things. Disgusting. I was in the park and some boys shouted: long live bullying! Children who incite, and who instead of being scolded by their families, have instead found in these, shoulders to lean on and hands to support themselves with their evil. And Luca? for Luca nothing has changed, yes it has only gotten worse ”.

“To the parents of thugs I say – conclude the letter – you have not been able to raise your children, admit that you have misunderstood it all, and roll up your sleeves and try to be different parents to have better children. Otherwise, dear parents, for your children, and I only hope yours, there will not be the future of respect, solidarity and sharing that is praised so much in school classes, in oratorical meetings, at conferences and meetings. Respect is not a product of a bad chat. It’s concrete. And specifically in this country, I only see evil ”.

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