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The author-teacher: “We are in an extraordinary historical moment: all the knots of an education system that no longer works because it does not focus on children, but on itself, are coming to an end”

“The day the school ends, we start all over again. I know it sounds crazy, but the truth is, we let’s try to inaugurate a new school that people will not run away fromThe author teacher Alessandro D’Aveniafor some years author of the Monday column «Ultimo Banco» on Corriere della Sera, says he no longer has time to waste, he wants a revolution in the classroom. He will explain it tomorrow night in Turin in an interview with developmental psychologist Daniela Lucangeli from the University of Padua.

Now enough with this school?

“We are in an extraordinary historical moment: All the knots of an education system that no longer works because it does not focus on children, but on itself, are coming to mind. It is there for all to see. A system invented of men who were supposed to serve to humanize life, in fact, no longer do. “

In what sense do you find it “inhuman”?

“It’s to the extent that it does not take care of the weekly man who is in every boy. But he can not, for it is now a system where the bureaucracy advises and obliges the masters to deal with cards. Precariat, competitions , which promotes only 2% of the candidates: the school should instead return to the center as a vocation laboratory “.

How are you teachers?

For years we have had an impressive number of teachers in “burnout”, the psycho-physical exhaustion of work. The moment you are regularly transformed into a bureaucrat who has to take care of everything except the children, it is clear that it is inevitable . “

And the students?

“Today, school is a place they want to escape from, it is no longer interesting for them to be in the world. The goal is to have the above case. The level of disappointment is not only given by school dropouts but also by the figures from the same commission from Miur from 2017 that Daniela Lucangeli attended: 75% of 14-15 year olds say they are feeling bad at school.

Does science say that too?

“Learning as it is contributes to children’s malaise because it does not respect brain development. This is demonstrated by studies by Lucangeli, an expert in neuroscience and learning who talks about “information obesity”. As we will explain in Turin, we instead imagine a school where people feel good, learn and thrive.

Which school would you like?

“A vocational school where talent is intercepted, where learning is not its quantification. I have to make sure that after 13 years inside the classrooms you go out and say “I know what my limits and my talents are and I want to build my life in a way that is in line with who I am and wants to become “».

The first reform to do?

“The way the roll is made in the morning, a theme to which I have dedicated all my last books (The appeal published by Mondadori, ed). If I do not reserve at least a moment for each name, everything else may not work. We’re going back to the school of relationships. “Scholé” meant leisure, there were no questions, we dedicated ourselves to things that were worth loving: the true, the beautiful, the good ».

The boys also protested with the occupations.
“For the first time, I saw whole subject sessions shared with principals and teachers who listened to the boys. Posters came out with a wide range of queries. But then I see so much paternalistic rhetoric among those in power that it does not materialize. in action ‘.

So we need a “revolution”?

“I’m thinking about how to make a revolution from within the school, to build a new one. I do not want to waste my time breaking down a system that is already finished. It must be reinvented and bring together a few people who have it on their minds right from the last day of school. “

Would you also admit the “genital fluid” with neutral bathrooms?

“It looks like ‘make up’ to me. The neutral bathroom is not enough, we’ve ignored the subject of these guys’ bodies for years. It’s inconceivable that the classrooms have remained as they were in the late 19th century, with the children behind a desk for 5 or 6 hours. The whole learning environment must be rethought to facilitate relationships ”.

But who is on the last bench today?

“We have all been placed on the last bench: we teachers, the children, but also the parents. There are all of us who want to make another school, but above all we are the most fragile. Only when we learn to take care of them, then we lift the school. ”

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