Last day with awards, smiles and greetings at the Carducci school in Gavirate

It was a beautiful day of celebration on June 8 by children, teachers and families Carducci School in Gavirate. During the morning, the professors on stage took turns at the many awards in connection with this year’s projects and competitions. There Vice President Amelia Speringo welcomed the classes in the auditorium and, after a brief greeting on behalf of the director, gave the floor Prof. Francesco Codecasa, morning entertainer with his air and humor, which he began by thanking the Esteban Canal Chess Association of Cocquio for the commitment and passion with which he organized afternoon workshops. President Alessandro Bossi and instructor Luca Gagliardini presented the prizes to the winners of the final tournament, praising the boys and encouraging them to continue practicing this wonderful game.

Follow, Prof. Elena Ratti called Rodolfo Rabolini from CAI in Gavirate to the stage who taught environmental education workshops throughout the year; the video was shown with the pictures of the excursion to the refuge on 3-4. and June 5, where about 90 young people participated, moved, excited and proud to have climbed and walked together

A special greeting and thank you all went out‘actress Silvia Sartorio who has collaborated with the school for many years and has held theater workshops. Although it was not possible to do a show this year, Silvia suggested exercises, poems and passionately taught the children to express their feelings and share them on stage. The audience in the auditorium experienced a particularly intense and emotional moment when Silvia read the touching poems of some school children who participated and won prizes (second and third place and a special critic’s prize) in Poets in grass 2022 organized by the Museum and Malnate Municipality. The organizers of the competition complimented the sensitivity and quality of the poems sent. The boys took the stage to a well-deserved ovation.

Prof. sse Francesca Imperiali and Laura Oliva they then called all the participants to math games in Kangourou (in the various categories) which this year had a remarkable membership and promises well for the coming years.

Still many awards and praise from Lions of Gavirate: Francesca Fiorella and Salvo found, together with Prof. Elena Invernizzi, presented the winners of the peace competition, which created wonderful and extremely talented works.

Also happy with Prof. Volmer Armani of motor skills who on stage read the winning classes from the numerous sports tournaments held within the school.

A final project that was carried out on a trial basis this year in two first classes and that deserves to be remembered is “Debate competition“, Held on Wednesday the 7th always in the auditorium: the finalists faced each other to the” sound of arguments “highlighting the pros and cons of a theme assigned by Prof. sse Elena Ratti and Anna Renato in front of a jury of older students, who turned out to be careful and strict judges.Really good guys who, after conducting research alone and in groups, have revealed their ideas and disproved them from the opposing team in the allotted time.A project that continues next year with the opportunity to compete with De Amicis by Busto Arsizio who is carrying out a similar project.

And finally: a special greeting was dedicated to the four third graders: “It looks like yesterday they went into Carducci … … and now they are ready for new adventures! What to say? The boys kept a cheerful, beautiful and clean demeanor, without shouting and vulgarity and at the sound of the last bell, accompanied by the trumpet by Prof. Armani, greeted the end of another school year. The party then continued in the afternoon by the lake, in the tent in Pro Loco, where the children sang, played and ate together, thanks to the legendary parents’ committee, which arranged the dinner, the lottery and the stands with the school’s merchandising. The weather was mild and therefore families, teachers and students spent a beautiful party night in a cordial and happy atmosphere. Many pictures and souvenir pictures, especially of third-party boys, for whom the committee wanted to give a gift card. So … see you next year “

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