Italian school, the 147 most deserving students awarded

For about 22,000 students, the school year is drawing to a close. With the completion of the lessons scheduled for June 16, another period marked by the unknown related to Covid-19 will be archived. Yesterday (June 9), students and teachers celebrated the traditional celebration at the Italian school in South Tyrol, where students, pupils, students and students who stood out most in the school year 2020/2021 were awarded. At the Parco delle Semirurali in Bolzano, the Councilor of the Italian Language School Giuliano Vettorato and Superintendent Vincenzo Gullotta wished to greet and thank leaders, teachers and students for their commitment throughout the year and to reward the students who have stood out the most. year 2021. The event was opened by the children in the kindergartens Girasole, Città dei Bambini, Firmian and Airone, who under the guidance of Professor Sabrina Alberti from Vivaldi Music School gave a small but pleasant taste of activities to access the world of music culture that performed in some infant schools.

“It has again been a year marked by constant organizational challenges, which the whole world of Italian-speaking schools, however, has been able to meet and meet with determination and passion. – stressed the councilor of the Italian school Giuliano Vettorato. All this thanks to the commitment of leaders, teachers and all school staff. A constant work that has best followed the path of many girls and boys, for which I want to experience the summer holidays with the utmost serenity: we will continue to work to welcome them in September in the best possible way “.

“I am particularly pleased to end the school with this celebration, which represents an opportunity to recognize the commitment and skills of students and their teachers – Superintendent Vincenzo Gullotta proudly highlighted. These girls and boys remind us that the school can play a crucial role in to provide the necessary tools to improve innate talents and abilities.Their results also speak of a school that accompanies that experiments that always suggest new paths look at even very high goals.This is the school that I as a principal am proud of of”.

The award ceremony

Several prizes were awarded on the stage in the Parco delle Semirurali. Among the 147 winners, there are 87 girls and boys who received 10 and honors in the final state test in the first cycle (3rd grade) in the school year 2020/21. Eight female students and 2 classes were also awarded a place from 1st to 3rd place in regional, national and international competitions, such as the Olympic Games in classical languages ​​and civilizations, the Italian Olympics in computer science, Kangourou in mathematics and ZeroRobotics. Also mentioned are the students who ranked from 4th place and down in regional, national and international competitions, such as Philosophy Olympics (8th place), Florentine Colloquia, IMUN (United Nations simulation) and “Futuro a chi?”. Silvia Pomella, recently appointed flag bearer of the Republic, also attended the event. The evening ended with the awarding of the competition for sustainability ideas devised by the Italian Directorate of Education and Training with the aim of stimulating students to reflect on sustainability issues based on the goals of the 2030 agenda. In this case, they were awarded for the first time class secondary school category, 2E class at Ugo Foscolo school (Bolzano 6), while for the high school category, 4E class by Liceo Pascoli in Bolzano, who developed an app that is capable to connect and bring people together for free urban green zones.

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