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Maturity 2022, exams are also approaching for Catania students: LiveUniCT asked four of them how they are preparing and how they will face this moment after two years of pandemic.

Maturity 2022: now there is some time left for the state exams and students from all over Italy are struggling with the preparation. School children enrolled in the fifth high school in the Catania schools are no exception as they will also face the much feared high school diploma in a few days. But while this is not the first post-Covid state exam, it is important to remember the basic role that has played pandemic also for this year’s graduates: In fact, their last two years at school were marked by the inevitable nuisances associated with the health emergency.

This experience has undoubtedly affected many of them, even more so given the young age and growth phase experienced in the midst of the pandemic, which in some cases causes discomfort and decline in school performance. To the microphones of LiveUniCT, four graduating students some colleges in Catania have revealed how they are preparing for this moment and what impact the pandemic has had on their preparation.

How do you prepare for maturity, and what are your feelings?

The first to answer is Rose redmaturanda af Scientific High School “GB Vaccarini” in Catania: “In order to prepare for high school, I try to outline the entire program that has been completed during the school year, and I connect the different subjects with all the thematic cores that we have been given. In addition, I am preparing some PowerPoint to unveil the PCTO I have been doing for the last three years (Paths for cross-cutting skills and orientation or the more common school-work alternation) and for civic education, which for some years has become a topic for all effects. For the second test, however, I do a lot of exercises, especially on integrals. At the moment, I do not feel nervous because school has just ended and I feel a little more free, but I know it will come soon. “ said the girl.

Such a warning it is Andrewfifth-year students al State language high school “Principe Umberto di Savoia” in Catania. “Honestly, my emotions are pretty relaxed, I do not feel much the weight of the end of this five-year period: the nostalgia is there enough, but at the moment it is not great yet. As for my process of preparing for high school , it’s still in its infancy, as I still need to start reviewing “ explained the boy.

“Now in the 90th minute of my high school life, the feeling that prevails is that nostalgia associated with the desire to still be rooted in the high school world, in classmates, teachers and even janitors he says instead Alessioalso maturation of Linguistic high school “Principe Umberto di Savoia” in Catania. However, the big step is a must, as soon as the school is over I will begin my refinement process with a view to graduating in order to face it in the best possible way “.

“I am not preparing as I would have thought in my third and fourth year of high school thinking of my maturity as something that is still far away. – finally confirms Clarissaenrolled in the fifth year of Classical High School “Mario Cutelli-Carmelo Salanitro” in Catania. Even though I’m close to graduating, I have not burned the fact that in less than 15 days I’m in a classroom with my professors. The best thing I do though is enjoying these feelings of anxiety and almost shock because I know I will never try them again as I try them now, so I will say that I am preparing for maturity without thinking about it, but only by living these last moments. Then obviously comes the crazy and desperate study. ” Clarissa concluded.

How are you living this moment after two years of pandemic?

Among the sensations that graduates are experiencing at this time, the theme of freedom is the one that is most popular, perhaps thanks to the easing of Covid restrictions that have been added to the end of the school road. “We’re breathing “Return” to freedom: the same exam this year will be “complete”, compared to concessions from previous maturities in full pandemic “ explains Alessio.

“This moment is essential, finally there is an air of freedom and no longer the aura of darkness that this two-year pandemic has given us.” joins Andrea.

“It’s a moment that I certainly live in an easier way, because it’s certainly not the same compared to the rest of the students who graduated in the middle of the pandemic. – Clarissa explained –. But I also feel that I am putting a lot of pressure on my maturing and maturing peers. We are a kind of experiment after so long a milestone since the pandemic, that is it is as if they were testing on us the whole school system that was reorganized after the state of emergency completed the girl.

“In 2003, we were a little less fortunate than the others, because after two years of pandemic, the scriptures and an oral without a thesis are back, in fact, the oral exam starts from a photo, a video, a poem, and so on. – Rosy emphasized –. It’s true to want to return to normal, but in this way it seems a little too ruthless, in fact, despite everyone talking about “the end of the pandemic” and “back to normal” during exams we should keep the FFP2 mask and with the heat of Catania during this period I do not know how pleasant and tolerable it is “.

Do you think the pandemic has affected your exam preparation?

“Pandemic it totally disrupted my study method: Increasing technology and the web was not easy in the beginning, while now it comes spontaneously to read aloud and be as original as possible using the most accredited sources “ explains Alessio.

Subsequently, Rosy spoke again: “Yes, I think the pandemic has affected my preparation as a bit ‘everything especially under the FATHER or let us go, taken by the situation. In fact, it was not easy to go back to school, and at least for me , it was initially difficult to get back into the rhythm with explanations, homework and questions.The last year has been even more difficult because on the one hand we have returned to normal and on the other hand we have dragged ourselves along a year of pandemic that has devastated us academically.

Andrea and Clarissa also agree with Rosy. In fact, the first claims that the pandemic has played a fundamental role in his preparation for maturity. “IS it was a major setback in all areas for our generation, which is still suffering the consequences today ” says Andrea.

Finally, Clarissa responds as follows: “Yes, absolutely, and I say that because I’ve experienced FATHER that I still have a real trauma with it. It was not school And for me it was not learning anything new – the young woman added –, I do not remember anything from that period except when I got up in the morning and sat at my desk and turned on the tablet to connect and perform lessons. I have some memory failure, even for the topics we studied in the subjects, and as for the year directly following the pandemic, or my fourth year, it’s even worse: the period between October and November spent again in DAD has made my academic achievement drop e I really felt excluded, I was very ill “.

But between nostalgia, anxiety and anticipation for the future and a great desire for freedom, there is certainly a hope in these young people. “Despite I’m absolutely sure and I think we will all be able to pass with excellent grades and calmly close another chapter of our lives “- finally said Rosy, confident of her future.

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