Israel and Palestine, children on the field with social goals for the Selis trophy

At the youth tournament Manlio Selis in Sardinia, there is a special team that has a fantastic story to tell. That of 13 children coming from Israel: 7 Arabs and 6 Jews. When football unites and sends messages of peace. The thesis was broadcast today on Sky Sport 24

The team is special. And in its small way, it’s worth a piece of history. A great story. One of 13 children from Israel: 7 Arabs and 6 Jews. They come from different areas of Jerusalem, east and west area, and from two different districts of Tel Aviv. They traveled together and now they play football together to the trophy for chickens, little brother to Selis trophy who is now 25 years old. They play in Gallura between Calangianus and Olbia and leave to the common language of the ball, the role of the most effective and funny interpreter in this age group. I am an example. I am a seed of hope grows between the sidewalks and on the asphalt of Jerusalem.

The project “Social Goal”.

To create the team and “Social goal” project Middle Eastern it has 300 children of which approx 150 of the Inter Campusthere are two Italians: Yasha Maknouz And Arturo Cohen.

“It’s a dream come true – Yasha explains – seeing the emotions in these children’s eyes is a unique joy. We feel in them the pride of being there to play. You can not understand the feeling when we gave them the uniforms. “It simply came to our notice then the first trip by plane and the first football trip. The eyes are shining, someone speaks English and they are happy to be in Italy on an island so famous for its beautiful beaches. Located a few kilometers from Selis sports grounds, now an institution in these own.

Zaniolo and Audero also participated in the Selis Trophy

From a simple youth football tournament held in 1997 in memory of “Manlio Selis”, it has become the most important review in Europe for the categoryunder the auspices of CONI, FIGC and FIFA. The tournament hosts the under 13 formations of 32 Italian and foreign realities. Everyone invited to Gallura for a well thought out tournament Mundialito for clubs in the beginners category. Many former champions for Selis: from the three European second places in Chelsea, Mount, Rice and James to some Serie A stars like Zaniolo or Audero. “Surely among these children on the field there are some of the champions of the future,” explains the president of the tournament Enea Selis, repeated by Yasha: “I hope that from this wonderfully successful experiment with Social Goal a future political leader must be born… is it remember what football allowed “.

In Calangianus, 30 km from Olbia in the mountains, there is also to debut for this special team David Suazogreat Cagliari striker from 1999 to 2007, today coach for Carbonia and legendary for FIFA, who does not hide his enthusiasm for attending a unique event. “May it not be the last time … that there is a positive message of cooperation from Sardinia, and that everyone is born of these simple children who play together”.

When the ball can big things

L ‘debut on the Social Goal team it was very positive. 3-0 to the local team and smiles so big that they had never seen each other. “This gives us great strength to continue – he says Arturo Cohen – 29 years and 10 in Israel. A few months ago we saw one of our courses in Ramallah and we also invited the kids coming from the refugee camps. The balloon can do great things … “Radiant the Mayor of Calangianus, Fabio Albieri: “Hosting this special team fills our entire community with pride.” From Calangian emanates a message that reaches Israel and from there to the whole world. These are the stories of football. Pieces of small, big story.

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