Home automation and innovation at Milan Design Week 2022

Not just new products: alla Milano Design Week 2022 home automation and innovation are first and foremost translated into experiences that must be experienced on their own, in order to understand how technology is already able to affect everyday life. How are we going to live tomorrow? How will we design the houses in the next few years? Questions that designers, architects, Metaverse artists and other professionals ask themselves.

Landing into the future with Huawei’s Tomorrow Living

It is a team of 30 ‘excellence’ involved Huawei Milan Aesthetic Research Center in the docu-series, in 4 episodes, which will be unveiled on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022 at the MEET Digital Culture Center. From the architects Ben van Berkel, Michele de Lucchi, Carlo Ratti and Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli to the international artistic collective teamLab, the experts on the house of the future outline a future under the sign of intelligent technology and consciously, thanks to which we will live, work and share more sustainable and efficient spaces. And it will happen much faster than we imagine. ‘Artificial intelligence makes our buildings, but also our cities and our objects increasingly resemble the natural world, into something that reacts dynamically ‘Narrator Carlo Ratti ‘Today, with technology, with sensors and AI, the skin of architecture can begin to respond to us in a new, much more fluid way.”, Adds the co-designer of the Italian pavilion at Expo Dubai 2021 and founding partner of CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati. In the ‘chapter’ Restorative: Homes and experiences that surround usis the focus on the technological devices that must ensure mental health. ‘We introduce light and works that make us feel good: they do not overstimulate us, but on the contrary lower the brain and lower the rhythm of our breathing. It’s about visual relaxation and using colors as ways to heal “predicts Krista Kim, a metaverse artist and founder of the Techism movement.

Tomorrow Live Exhibition – Details
Where: MEET Digital Cultural Center | Cariplo Foundation – viale Vittorio Veneto 2, Milano

The Global Home by Space Popular

Design and Metaverse with Pianca & Partners Virtual Reality Modeling Service

When you think about technology applied to the home environment is the focus on systems, appliances, and devices that are capable of acting on the most frequent actions that take place in the home. In other words, we are intervening in existing homes or workplaces. But if we tried to intervene earlier, directly at the design stage, then what would happen? On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, Pianca & Partners presents a design service through virtual reality aimed at architects and companies. Named P&P Virtual Reality Modeling Service is an immersive technology that facilitates communication between designers and customers through virtual reality. An opportunity to, with more immediacy than traditional methods of representation, grasp the peculiarities and strengths of the spaces to be lived in, making it possible toimmersion in the simulated dimension and an unprecedented verification of spatial qualities.

P&P Virtual Reality Modeling Service
Where: from 7 to 12 June at Salone – Rho Fiera, in hall 10 – stand B 02; from 6 to 12 June in Fuorisalone, in the Pianca & Partners Showroom in Via Porta Tenaglia 7N3, Milan

P&P Virtual Reality Modeling Service

P&P Virtual Reality Modeling Service

Connected housing in Samsung Electronics Smart Home

The reopening of Smart home from Samsung electronicson the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, takes place in the name of the news oude signed Soft focus. This is not a random choice as it reflects the growing demand from 45% of Italians for a comfortable, functional home equipped with interconnected devices: this is what came out of Research CasaDoxa 2022, Observatory for Italians and the Home. Consequently, the domestic dimension is heading towards a progressive development from a smart perspective with devices and systems capable of improving and simplifying everyday life. How? For example, with remote control of all technological equipment and household appliances via dedicated apps, such as SmartThings.

Samsung District
Where: Via Mike Bongiorno 9 – Porta Nuova area – Milan

GAUDI 'by Flou, outdoor sofa 2021. Design by Matteo Nunziati

GAUDI ‘by Flou, outdoor sofa 2021. Design by Matteo Nunziati

The Cook Like a Chef digital platform

A useful technology? The one who really reaches out to those who need support in the most recurring activities, that is, the daily and essential ones. For example, how to make food that requires time, care, creativity. With the SuperOven ovens from the Paduan company Unox Casa you can useto Cook Like a Chef digital platforma support for those who love to eat well, which provides support from Unox Casa Chefs every day, H 24. And there is no shortage of ‘exclusive features’, such as help from Personal cooking trainerfor one to one requests on request, by arrangement.

Courtesy Unox Casa

Courtesy Unox Casa

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