Historical professor at Pontedera found dead in school: boys’ pain and family’s pain

The professor from Pontedera was found dead behind his desk at the school where he had become principal

He had taught at Valdera before becoming a leader. To find the lifeless body a collaborator who immediately triggered the alarm

PONTEDERA. They place a flower on his car, the white Defender parked in the schoolyard. In silence. On the faces one can read the pain and disbelief. They are students and professors at Cassini High School in Sanremo where Claudio Valleggi he had been principal for a few years. But his old students, those from the Fermi Institute and Iti Marconi and the many people who had attended and met him when he lived in Pontedera, were also shocked and speechless.

A 59-year-old native of the town of Vespa, Valleggi, died Wednesday afternoon, June 8, at his desk, suffering from a heart attack. To find the lifeless body a collaborator who immediately triggered the alarm. But there was nothing more to do. Without giving any signs of malaise even in the preceding hours, he went the same morning to the province with the mayor Alberto Biancheri to agree on a series of restoration interventions from high school, Valleggi left on his toes. With confidentiality. With the same personality trait that characterized him and that many use to describe him. “We learn with great regret – comments the principal of Fermi, Luigi Vittipaldi – by the untimely death of Claudio, our professor of law and economics until 31 August 2019, who then moved to Liguria after winning the executive competition. We rarely saw him, he was almost always away to cope with the difficult situation of the pandemic, but when he returned home, he made a stop at Fermi and Marconi to greet his former colleagues. The last time we met, we got an ice cream in the square and talked about school problems, but also about our dogs. Claudio had Chirion, his faithful four-legged friend, who followed him everywhere. I fondly remember the beautiful evening in Palaia, in front of a tasty carving, to celebrate its success and its promotion. Claudio was like this: caciarone and shy at the same time ».

His ability, which only true teachers have, to be able to transfer knowledge with simplicity and naturalness and at the same time become an example of life, has always been appreciated by the children of today, but also by those who have met him for decades. of their careers behind the chair. “He was able to convey his education and his passion for law and case law. He established meaningful and positive relationships with the students,” says Matteo Bagnoli, Fdi group leader who had Valleggi as a professor in high school, among benches on the scientific and technological high school and then shared part of his political path with him.

Because Valleggi has not only been a guide for hundreds of young people, an example of compassion and professionalism, but has dedicated commitment and love of public participation, to the administration of local authorities. A staunch supporter of justice and human involvement, in 2002 he was elected the first citizen of Lucca Pietro Fazzi among the 14 councilors in his council. Just twelve months later, he ran for the Northern League as mayor of Pisa. Already in the Chamber of Deputies of the Valdera College, Valleggi, after the Lucca experience, he founded the League of Toscan Federalists in 2009, which joined the ranks of the People of Liberty.

In opposition to Palazzo Stefanelli, in the center-right group of Giacomo Zito he remained on the city council until 2014, when in Simone Millozzi’s second term he was among the initiators of the citizens’ list “PerPontedera!”, remembered as the orange team that aimed to address and give voice to those who were dissatisfied with politics. “He leaves us a person available, skilled, aware of the needs of the city, who despite the move to Sanremo had been able to maintain strong ties and constant relations with his territory of origin” emphasizes the mayor Matteo Franconi.

The gracious and always smiling Valleggi had, in the most loving feelings, had to face bitter and painful circumstances. “He was left alone – says his aunt Giuliana Ferretti -. After his brother’s death at the age of 32 in a car accident, his mother had also gone, as he lived with, until he stayed in Pontedera. We were neighbors. Claudio was a loner, but a very good man. He was good and kind to everyone. ” Valleggi leaves his numerous cousins. Some of these, after hearing the news, traveled to Sanremo. “Claudio will be here a few more days, so we will give way to those who have spent the last few years by his side to say goodbye. We felt the warmth and affection that surrounded him. He lived for the school – he says Patrizio Valleggi – but judging by what we saw and heard, it was a mutual bond. They all loved him. “


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