Giorgio Armani: “A house made to measure”

Giorgio Armani (courtesy of Giorgio Armani)

The new collection Armani / homea tailoring service dedicated to interior design and a signed urban redevelopment project A | X Armani exchange. The square in Milan, in turmoil for the design week and for Furniture exhibitionenhances the creativity of Giorgio Armaniwho chose his favorite place, the brutalist, to present the 2022 furniture collection Siloswhich for the occasion has become a kind of stage box with a sequence of suggestive environments that make the new products enter into a dialogue with some of the historic interiors of the maison.

The story thus becomes an expression of an aesthetic that unmistakably defines the world of Armani life. Following a language of re-elaborations and subtractions, the viewer imagines the creative journey leading from the starting point to the finished piece of furniture through eight main themes, a synthesis of the stylist’s passions, from the Far East to Art Deco to the animal world. This free path passes through iconic objects such as the Antoinette dressing table and Morfeo lowered bed, the Club bar cabinet, the Onda chaise longue and the Pascal armchair, flanked by some new pieces, such as the Suites dumbwaiter, a small container with folding wooden doors shaped solid Paulownia wood.

A news from Armani / Casa 2022 presented at Armani / Silos (courtesy Armani)

But the interior world for Giorgio Armani is also enriched by the Armani / casa At your home project, a restyling service that was born during the pandemic and now in a relaunch phase. And to strengthen the connection between the creative and the younger generations and the design capital, a redevelopment and maintenance project has just been launched for six basketball and mini basketball courts located in the central and peripheral areas of Milan, including the brand En | X Armani Stock Exchange is the technical sponsor. “Over the years, I have realized a complete lifestyle,” Giorgio Armani said in this interview.

Armani / casa On your home project seems to reject the typical tailoring of fashion in the interior. What are the secrets of being able to intervene in a room with a restyling that brings a touch of Armani with it?

It is precisely the intention to guide the customer in choosing a personally tailored environment with respect for their wishes and desires. I can say with satisfaction that over the years I have managed to realize the project with a complete, coherent lifestyle, of which the consolidated design reality at Armani / casa is an integral part. The secret lies in applying the same philosophy from my fashion to home decor, without ever forgetting that the person is at the center and the style is at the service. The specific areas of the house that are affected by the restyling will therefore be redefined by the meticulous details and the typical Armani balance between sophisticated aesthetics, functionality and comfort.

The bespoke service of your interior design studio also has an emotional component. Is it an important aspect of the project, and is it for both parties?

The house itself is an emotional space, an intimate place where we fully express our personality. Creating or renovating an environment in your home is an emotional investment because it stems from a need or desire. Armani / casa At your home gathers every request by involving the customer with an experience-rich and not purely technical approach, and ensures the design and implementation of the project, in a fluid way, so that it is the result of a genuine dialogue. My in-house team of experienced architects, the same ones who work alongside me every day, are guided by my personal vision, but I oversee the work myself in the end. Whether it is an important builder or a private person, the care and attention is the same.

His collections are often inspired by nature and art. What did you draw for the 2022 line this year? And what kind of experience did you imagine for the presentation at Silos?

This year, the collection includes several reissues of furniture that have written the brand’s history, and some new pieces, such as the washbasin mute Suite, which I love a lot because it continues the narrative offering of travel memories and desires for new discoveries. Closed, it appears as a small precious solid tree trunk of those used on vintage journeys, but once opened, it is surprisingly equipped and functional. Travel, the East, the aesthetics of the 30s and 40s and nature are some of the themes that over time have outlined the style throughout the Armani / casa world, and which I wanted to dedicate the set-up of Salone del mobile.Milano to all’Armani / Siloer. An exhibition that summarizes the main sources of inspiration for my design in an emotional and suggestive setting, through an emblematic series of environments perceived as evocative paintings.

A news from Armani / Casa 2022 presented at Armani / Silos (courtesy Armani)

It recently launched a new hotel in Saudi Arabia, its third. What is your goal and are there other projects in sight?

L ‘Armani hotel Diriyah it’s a groundbreaking project that excites me. Also in this case, the fascination of genius loci prevailed, a fundamental starting point for all my choices. My hotels and all the real estate partnerships stem from a choice related to the geographical location and its significance, respected and integrated into the Armani aesthetic. Because the context makes the difference and modulates the architectural message. In the case of this hotel, it will really be a unique project in terms of planimetric and environmental development.

What are your other plans for the future?

They do not think in terms of desires to be fulfilled, but in possibilities. And they are constantly popping up, giving me the opportunity to test myself and develop my tastes in ever new directions. The future is not written and there is nothing more beautiful. It is built in everyday commitment, which for me is unchanged since I started doing this job. Of course, I am no longer a boy, but the energy and determination do not leave me. In the long run, I imagine the future of my group as a continuation of what Armani is today. (All rights reserved)

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