Fasten child safety belts

Fasten child seat belts: How to do it correctly when needed, they are also used with the child seat and what is the risk

Fasten child safety belts

There is a lot of insistence on the use of car seats, especially in recent years, and in fact they are mandatory up to a certain age or height. But it still happens all too often that once children grow up, even though they still have a car seat, the problem is no longer weighted. Instead, it is important to know fasten child safety beltsand do not just do it!

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Why fasten child seat belts

Group 3 car seats, booster cushion or even no child seat, because they have now reached 150 cm. In any case, seat belts are not only mandatory for all travelers, including them sitting bag, but they are essential for the safety of all, especially children. Try a hard stitch and see what happens, even with the belt!

NEVER drive in a car without seat belts, and make sure that the children’s seat belts are fastened correctly: fasten child safety belts it’s not boring, it’s a life-saving gesture!

How to fasten seat belts correctly for children

That seat belts they are used with children in two cases:

  • with some seats not having their own braces and with the booster
  • for those over 150 cm in height and no longer need a highchair

It’s important that I children under 150 cm is at least on a booster (it is possible to use it from 125 cm in height, but a car seat with backrest is certainly safer because it protects more from shocks) because seat belt it should be placed in the right places and under no circumstances stick to the neck or pass through the abdomen.

The correct seat belt is the one that goes through in the middle of the collarbone, cuts the chest diagonally and closes on the outside of the pelvis. If the belt is not positioned in this way, the risks in the event of a collision can be significant.

You should also be aware that the belt is firmly attached, avoid bulky clothing or stuffed animals and locked games. Often children tend to move it, to put it under the arm: try to prevent them from doing so because it would make it useless, if not dangerous.

How to get children to wear seat belts

When you have children, however, you are well aware that it is not exactly that easy convince them to bring limitations. There seat belt is a part of these, and already from very young into selepude, as soon as they manage to move, they try to break free from the five-point lock. In this case, it’s simple, just tight well. However, the seat belt may be removed more easily. It is therefore important to explain to children what ep is for somethingbecause it must be worn, but also to lead by example. If they are not convinced, you can also show them instructional videos. They off crushing test they are a bit shocking, but certainly effective for more insistent children, like this one for example

But above all, parents must not underestimate the importance of the harness for road safety. When traveling, make sure that it is well positioned and that the child does not move it.

If it is not yet 150 cm in height, at least equip yourself with a riser so that the harness does not risk reaching neck height. Also, make sure that grandparents and everyone else driving children follow the safety principles, have one approved child seat if necessary and use the harness correctly. If you take one Cabthere is no obligation to bring a child seat: in this case, if provided, you can order it, otherwise you must at least let the child wear the seat belt.

Fasten the child’s seat belt correctly it is a necessary gesture for their safety in the car!

Updated 25.05.2022

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