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Exclusive interview with Jaguero, a band from Vicenza out with the EP “Mild Safari” and on tour with Delta Sleep.

Jaguero released an exciting and captivating debut EP. They are not beginners, on the contrary, they all come from well-ongoing projects and with an important history. But apparently there was a need for fresh air in their lives and new blood to get air for their creativity. We interviewed the Venetian band in the wake of their zero-date with the British Delta Sleep. An interesting chat arose, which we offer you exclusively on Musical wave.

You have debuted with a new project, but you all come from previous experiences. What made you want to create Jaguero? What was missing in the other projects that you then found a way to express with this new group?

There was actually no shortage associated with our previous experience that led us to create Jaguero. The idea was born solely out of boredom and the desire to play this genre live this way. Jaguero is a kind of parallel path to our current projects and a new chapter in terms of completed projects, where we all carry the baggage of past and present experiences.

You have published “Mild Safari” as a business card. What do we find in the lyrics to this single?

Mild Safari is a kind of “hymn not to break”: specifically, it is a passage that describes the end of a relationship just before a departure, where morality is represented by appreciating the present rather than the past and the future. In short, to face such an unpleasant situation with a hard face without going out!

Then you followed “Negative, fantastic!” This title reminds us of exclamations that have been repeated over and over again in recent years, to the sound of tampons and various tests. Do you mean it or is it something else?

Contrary to what the title suggests, “Negative, Awesome!” alludes to this fashion of always being positive people, with a smile on your face and always being seen happy. There is nothing wrong with embracing even our most negative side because it only represents the other side of the same coin. Being seen super positive when you actually die inside is useless, so “Negative, amazing!” presses to use his negativity as a strength to get out of mentally uncomfortable situations.

How have you been in the last two years as a musician? And with the other activities in your life, how have you coped? What do you do besides make music?

For the past two years, we have focused on our respective careers: Andrea Campesato Segnini and Guido Dal Prà work in graphic design, Matteo Marangoni works as a tattoo artist, and Andrea Cichellero is finishing her studies in astrophysics. We have all worked hard on our careers in recent years, and this (along with stopping live music) has led us to create Jaguero, a half human-half animal that allows us to sound as if our work is all that talk There was no pandemic.

Vicenza seems to be a thriving province from a musical point of view, on many different genres. What are the punk and related projects made in Vicenza that we should listen to? And are there other bands and artists from your province that deserve special mention?

Our dear friends Eddie Bunker is definitely a very interesting proposition in the Vicenza hardcore scene with their new album “Tormento” recently released for Gold Leaves Academy. Speaking of completely different genres, we would also like to point out two other projects made in Vicenza: Delicatoni and Luca Cescotti, respectively, an experimental jazz / rnb ensemble and a songwriter with a thousand colors and sounds. Check out these three projects, you will not regret it!

The Internet has shortened, if not eliminated, distances. This allows four boys from Vicenza to be heard in California, but at the same time expands the front of the “competition” significantly to show up. What are the other pros and cons of making music in this era?

This barrier-free spread is certainly one of the strengths of the Internet age and music streaming services. We receive a remarkable response from abroad thanks to platforms like Spotify and Bandcamp and the work of Gab De La Vega from Epidemic Records as a press office. One possible downside is this non-physical connection: There are no concerts where you can shake hands, have a drink with a California fan, chat with someone and make a connection, a friendship. Now 80% of this happens in the social environment or via email, and therefore goes on to lose the romance that characterizes these connections. We hope that in the near future we can provide less space for the Internet and travel more to play and watch concerts.

You’ve just been through your zero date with Delta Sleep. How did it go? What does it mean for a group of members of already known projects to go out with an EP that gets a good response and then has to release itself live in a big night? Did you feel expectations, or did you feel ready to face the live test?

It went very well, we enjoyed ourselves like crazy. We make no secret of the fact that we were quite tense for all the reasons mentioned in your question, but also sure that this live would be brought home. We wrote Worst Weekend Ever just to be played live, and although (as with any concert) technical or health issues are the order of the day, with or without expectations, we felt ready. Like any new project, of course, it requires a little live burglary, but we can not wait for the next live to play again (July 16 at Life Is Strage DIY Fest!)

Do you think the next few times will allow you to meet concerts and live situations where you can understand other “layers” and potentials of the Jaguero project?

Of course! The Jaguero project was born just for this, that is, to try to play live where possible. We dream of America, England and all the other countries where there is a lively and vibrant scene. We dream of venues of all kinds and sizes, we do not like big stages but only about people who are well taken care of while we have fun on stage. We are working towards this in the hope that live music can really return to 100% around the world.

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