EU 4 lies about the electric car

The geniuses from Brussels work tirelessly up there. The plans are, as always, if they say so themselves – ambitious. Before long, a large majority will vote for the suppression of the second law of thermodynamics and, if we have enough patience (ambition never fails), also the first law. So much so that it requires: Let’s put it to the vote.

1. The green scam on the electric car

Meanwhile, they voted on the Commission’s proposal, which wants carmakers to produce cars only by 2035 full electric. Scope? Control the climate. In the proposal of 14 July 2021, the proposal approved a few days ago by this strange convention called the European Parliament, the Commission’s eggheads complain: “20% of European emissions are due to road transportLet’s start well: EU countries’ emissions are less than 10% of global, so even when the adopted measure eliminates emissions, global emissions would be reduced by 2%, ie the climate would not even be affected. all electricity is produced by nuclear power, but let’s move on.

2. The accounts do not agree

They argue that in order to ensure the success of their proposals, ‘Member States should expand their charging capacity by installing along motorways at regular intervals, a charging point for the electric car every 60 km and one every 150 km for hydrogen filling ». If you understand something, give me a whistle: In Italy, for example. 9000 km of motorways, and divided by 60 gives the 150 charging points, but cars in Italy are, according to a guess, 40 million. They will not all be on the highway, they will not all charge at the same time, and yet there is something wrong. For God’s sake, do not let me count, because the conditions are clear: 40 million are cars and 150 charging stations for motorways, set out in the approved document. And then: how they get there on the highway to recharge is not known. Maybe they’re parachuting them there.

Eliminate thermodynamics

But the proposal has two other purposes, which the phenomena put pen to paper. “The second purpose is encourage manufacturers to produce zero-emission vehicles, and the third is to stimulate innovation in zero-emission technology ”. A bit repetitive: few ideas, but at least solid.

As I tried to suggest at the beginning, could they also have voted by a majority – by a majority? What do I say? Unanimously! So it does not cost anything to raise your hand – the abolition of the two principles of thermodynamics. Imagine how wonderful. For the layman, I summarize them. The first principle in thermodynamics states that if you drop a rubber ball from a tower, after jumping it will no longer go up where you left it to itself. The second principle guarantees you that it actually jumps to a lower point.

Well, what does it take? Just follow the logic of the masterpieces that are in Brussels, right? Eliminate these two regrettably annoying principles, and ban the production of balls that insist on jumping too low. In fact, since we want to do things right, we also ban the production of those who jump at the same height, and that’s it. As if by magic, ball producers will be encouraged to produce only those who jump higher and the pursuit of c.this phantom rubbery material innovative will be stimulated. But how can it be that no one has thought of it before? And to say that there were Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, four fools who did not have the brilliant idea. It took the brain out of a united Europe, all of us, to unravel this new Columbus egg: let’s vote!

4. Electric car, the exemption for Ferrari

They add to provide exemptions for those producing less than 10,000 cars: the Ferrari is safe. That means we all want a Ferrari. But what more do we want? They tell me that the other producers are very worried. Someone calls the case assisted suicide. I want to encourage everyone because they have a way out and maybe even more than one. Here are two suggestions. One is this: to ignore what they voted in the European Parliament. The second suggestion is this: Explain the closure of factories from now on.

I like the other one, I said more: just as the covid emergency has made the climate emergency pale, and the war emergency has made it covid pale, the declaration I propose will make the war in Ukraine pale. For us, as long as we live, we just have to enjoy – so to speak – the show.

Franco Battaglia, June 10, 2022

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