Energy Camp: a summer dedicated to children and teenagers at Villaggio Amico

Many recreational and educational activities to rediscover the values ​​of hospitality and togetherness: from June to August, the Villaggio Amico Energy Center will provide a summer space with the structure’s teachers and professionals: Energy Camp.

Energy Camp in the friendly village of Gerenzano

It opens on June 13 Energy Camp of physiotherapy and multifunction center Energy Center in Villaggio Amico in Gerenzano (VA). The summer campus is dedicated to children and teenagers aged 6 to 13 with the aim of involving them in recreational, artistic and sporting activities in the fitness center and swimming pool.

The weekly themes that will accompany the experience are based on the payout from Villaggio Amico and therefore take up the concepts Air, Waterfall, Joy And Land. Water is a symbol of life and is at the center of the activities in the Energy Camp, where there are dedicated spaces and meetings for our heated swimming pool, where recreational and motor activities will be offered, organized by the facility’s specialized water educators; the air is connected with the large, open and bright spaces that are made available for the various thematic activities and artistic workshops; joy refers to a good morning with a smile, to the lightness that characterizes all the appointments, services, and leisure events that will be organized throughout campus; finally, the earth is a symbol of belonging, sharing and the value of the space that is lived every day.

The activities

Among the activities proposed during the Energy Camp are the swimming pool, the Snoezelen experience, yoga for children, art workshops, water theater, ceramic processing, recycling, the vertical kitchen garden and the fitness center. Campus takes place from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 17.30with lunch and snack included.

A summer of welcome and commitment

“The energy camp wants to be a summer space dedicated to children and young people, which is based on the concepts of welcome, vitality, stability and involvement. Concepts that start concretely from our operators to reach out to the area’s families,” he commented. Marina Indino, General Manager of Villaggio Amico – We decided to propose campus because some studies show how this type of experience can be a valid choice if you want children to live a few days away from technology, learn to relate to others and develop greater self-esteem. In addition, we want to give them the opportunity to experiment while having fun, new and unusual activities such as theater in the water or manually working with ancient techniques. “

Why the summer camp?

Among the benefits of summer camps are those listed by Michael Ungar, a researcher in social and psychological resilience, and by Dr. Gloria Palermo, psycho-educator, clinical educator and UNIPED Regional Councilor from Lombardy:

  • they create new relationships based on socialization, not only with peers but also with adults other than their parents in a playful context other than school;
  • help improve self-esteem. They make the child feel safe in relation to others. It is very likely that a qualified educator on campus will help the child find something (a sport or a skill) to be passionate about and be proud of;
  • help children feel independent;
  • all children are treated equally and valued equally for who they are;
  • children do activities that enhance physical development. There is fresh air, there is physical exercise and there is a real balance between routine and unstructured time as well as good food;
  • they promote a sense of belonging, and several activities are carried out which have the benefits of sharing;
  • they promote a sense of multiculturalism. The campus offers children both the perception of common cultural roots and the opportunity to understand others who have very different cultures than their own.

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