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To TG zero Let’s talk about Cyber ​​security And video surveillance with Rocco Nardullisouschef i Politipost from Milan. There was an investigation by the prosecution Milano with basic support from the postal police because an organization came into the network steal personal photos of camcorders in homes, gyms, swimming pools to resell them Telegram.

Edoardo Buffoni: “Especially which circles were spied on by this criminal organization?”

Rocco Nardulli: “The main interest was precisely aimed at private homes, because it is in private homes that one is lucky, from their point of view, of course to get recordings of areas where people’s intimacy takes place. The goal was to capture intimate scenes “

Edoardo Buffoni: “Why are these cameras installed in homes?”

Rocco Nardulli: “I would like to ask who installed them this. In fact, when we design a video surveillance system with all that equipment, we try to protect the areas that can be attacked by thieves, hence the windows, the balconies, the front door. “I’m confused about the idea that someone might find it useful to install a camera that frames a bed or a bathroom, so even from this point of view, there is definitely an incorrect use of the tool.”

Edoardo Buffoni: “There are companies that do a surveillance service by placing cameras and monitoring them. Then there are the individual citizens who set up cameras because they check their homes while on vacation. Are we referring more to this second use of cameras or also to the first? “

Rocco Nardulli: “Absolutely for the second. The suspects who came out of this investigation had above-average computer skills, some even very high, but it must be said that the victims were equipped with systems that were not adequately configured. They were gone the default passwords, those that come from the factory, and it must be said that the current video surveillance systems are in fact computer systems, and as such, exposed to the Internet, they are exposed to the physiological dangers of the network. So if you do not take the normal security measures we take for our computers or email accounts, we risk violated in our privacy

Increase device security

Mary Cacciola: “I think it’s important now to give some ideas or suggestions, apart from always changing password

Rocco Nardulli: “It’s okay to have a hard core password, but the important thing is that the password is long enough at least 8 charactersit must surely be there capital letters And small letters capital letters may not always be in the beginning, use Special charactersand it is important that the password for the password is not a meaningful word found in dictionaries. When hacker manage to crack a password, they do so by pressing word archives found in dictionariesso if you create a password that does not make sense with the addition of uppercase and lowercase letters and special characters, it becomes really impregnable “

Edoardo Buffoni: “We know from your investigation that locker rooms in gyms and swimming pools were also violated, is that so?”

Rocco Nardulli: “Yes, apparently even in that case the factory managers had not turned to reliable people. Unfortunately very often vulnerability it comes from laziness because it annoys us to change passwords when the two more seconds I spend typing a more complex password make me sleep soundly “

Children and cameras in kindergartens

Rocco Nardulli: “Camcorders are very useful in kindergartens, but it is clear that if, instead of pointing the camcorder at environments where children play and are with teachers, I point to the changing table, I am doing something that is not optimal”

Mary Cacciola: “So even for those who put cameras for children inside the house, is it so better not to have a circuit running on the internet?”

Rocco Nardulli: “Exactly that is babyalarm which costs a little more but does nothing. If for convenience and to save I buy a device at a very low price that uses uncertain cloudsI give the pictures of my children to anyone, better a closed circuit “

Computer webcams

Mary Cacciola: “And on the computer at home with webcam what can happen? It’s better to put a post-it on it, can you spy on me? “

Rocco Nardulli: “Since there are computers with flip over webcam, there must be a reason. We have evidence of cases where computers were hacked using webcams to spy, so I would not keep it active “

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