Cultural Forum, open letter: “It is urgent to protect public spaces in Naples and their free use”

DinnerJune 10, 2022 – at 15.50

In the light of the Palazzo Venezia Forum: “Let’s prevent public spaces from becoming economically inaccessible to the world of associations”

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Palazzo Venezia

NAPELS – The associations of Kulturforum, excluded from the Maggio dei monuments, write a new appeal, an “open letter to the city, to Neapolitan intellectuals, to cultural actors” in the light of “Forum’s culture, cultural heritage and viability in the historic center planned to June 20 in the Palazzo Venezia. ”Here is the manifesto.

“We, representatives of associations consisting of professionals from the world of culture, ecologists, art historians, architects, citizens … we are convinced that the cultural sector in a municipality must turn its eyes to any kind of public, residents (and not), to promote identity, respect and a sense of belonging.For a municipality, the wealth generated by its cultural heritage must be measured in terms of socio-cultural growth in the resident population and quality of life.The economic induced must not be a parameter for good management of the asset , which should rather be seen in relation to the growth in the surrounding area both in terms of quality of life and sustainability and in terms of economic growth in the population … A city’s culture and its historical and artistic heritage must above all be strengthened by ensuring its full enjoyment for all and allowing the energies of the territory, from volunteering to associations up to a world of cultural professions, to be expressed. support their actions and encourage forms of cooperation also on the part of the administration prevent public spaces from becoming economically inaccessible to the world of associations“.

“The autonomous forms of active citizenship have a great value, they know in depth the needs of the communities and greatly influence the growth processes for the sense of identity and social cohesion, an important prerequisite for any good care of cultural heritage and common goods. Value that public policies should take due account of ».

We are primarily concerned about the attitude of self-referentiality and false participation that characterizes this administration. Municipalities and the choices they make and want to make on the management of cultural heritage (foundations, partnerships, tasks), together with the “conditioning” of information through the mass media, are alerting us more and more ».

“This is a crucial moment for the city, the foundation is now being laid for choices that will affect the management and use of the cultural heritage in the coming decades. It is therefore important that the whole city talks about it and that all actors in the Neapolitan cultural world talk about it. The dynamics that start precede the choice of a few normally privileged “.

We express our total opposition to this vision, which “frees” the municipality from the direct management of the cultural heritage owned by the city, also seen in the light of 23 new professionals.related to the care, improvement and protection of the cultural heritage, recently employed by the Municipality of Naples, and a further 21, with the same professional competencies, were recruited following the so-called “RIPAM competition”“.

It makes us reflect and confuse ourselves that just when young people have been hired, not only with an appropriate qualification, but also with educational qualifications and specializations in accordance with the needs of the management of the Municipality’s Cultural Heritage, we think about outsourcing them . rather than seizing the opportunity to create a new public best practice which can strengthen and manage these assets (by including employees of the municipality, such as museum inspectors and directors, cultural heritage experts), also in light of the many experiences with grants to foundations and private entities during the crisis period and not alone. It is important to meet, analyze the situation together and develop common strategies and proposals. We therefore appeal to the cultural actors and, above all, to the intellectuals in the city to make their contribution to these important issues, and we also invite them to participate directly in the first meeting of the Forum, which will be held in Naples on 20 June. next time, at 17.30 at the Palazzo Venezia in via Benedetto Croce 19. It will be a first moment of discussion and mobilization to speak out for those who believe that the development of the city must pass through joint elections that guarantee full enjoyment of the cultural heritage and quality of life for its citizens. The branding of the culture, the tourism in the historic Unesco site, already expropriated by its identity, the dreaded infrastructural choices in the form of public transport, are signs that point to a development that is anything but sustainable and of quality for Naples.“.

The forum’s sponsor associations signed: Legambiente Literary Park Vesuvius Aps – Wwf Napoli – Fiab Napoli Cicloverdi Gente Green Aps – Napolitan Association of Cultural Heritage – Locus Iste Places and Memory – Legambiente Iride.

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June 10, 2022 | 15:50


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