Communal houses in Lombardy, 17 “excluded” from Pnrr funds. Mayors protest –

from Sara Bettoni

Remove some structures from the list of funded. Municipalities: by what criteria was the election made? The region: all the planned communal houses are to be built

Seventeen communal houses postponed to a later date. With the relative dissatisfaction of the municipalities affected by the postponement: So much effort to reach a common list, and now some structures have surprisingly been excluded. By what criteria? he asks Sara Santagostinomayor of Settimo Milanese in Pd quota and chairman of the conference for his colleagues in the Ats Milano area.

The territorial network

In it community houses, the patient will find an interdisciplinary team of professionals, according to the promises of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Welfare: pediatricians, family doctors, nurses, socio-health workers, specialists. Their implementation – which has already begun – as envisaged by the National Recovery and Resistance Plan, on which the Lombard health reform was launched last December, is dependent on. The residences, together with local hospitals and local surgery centers, will serve to create a network capable of guaranteeing zero-kilometer care. and prevent citizens from having to go to hospitals for any need.

The list of houses in the community

The map of the structures was created after a long process of confrontation between Ats and the mayors. The result? A list of 216 communal houses, 71 communal hospitals and 101 territorial operations centers, contained in a resolution of the Region of 7. March. All buildings must be built or rebuilt according to well-defined times (by 2024), with the assurance that European funds will complete the interventions.

The excellent structures

However, in another regional decision of 23 May last year, the list is divided into two sections. The first includes 199 communal houses that will be funded through PNRR, in the second the other 17, for which it will be up to the Region to find the resources. These are the offices in via Caterina da Forl, via Salomone, via Ippocrate and via De Andr in Milan, via Trento Trieste in Cremona, piazza Garibaldi in Casalmaggiore, Sal, via Massena in Lodi, via per Cascina Coriasco in Lacchiarella, via Goldoni in Cernusco sul Naviglio, via Matteotti in Peschiera Borromeo, via Salvador Allende in the Opera, via Vivaldi in Buccinasco, via Giovanna D’Arco in Pero, via Papa Giovanni XXIII in Gardone Val Trompia, San Gerolamo in Pisogne, via Roma in Chiesa Valmalenco. The decision confirms the timetable on 7 March, but it is not specified when and by what means the pending structures will be built. The same is happening for the territorial operations centers and the local hospitals (three and five postponed respectively).

Mayors’ protest

The selection did not appeal to the mayors of the Milanese territory, the territory to which most of the communal houses excluded from the PNRR funds belong. We were not involved in this decision – he says Sara Santagostino on behalf of him and his colleagues -. In Milan, a common road was taken with Ats to identify the offices. Therefore, we would at least like to know what criteria the list has been revised based on. Above all, the municipalities are asking for security. From the decision, it appears that all the interventions will be financially covered – Santagostino continues -. But at what times? Ats Milan’s representative board will ask the region for guarantees. For Fontana and Moratti, the communal houses are only of interest because the government pays them with European funds from PNRR – Pd councilor attacks Pirellonen, Samuele Astuti -. The region will also make half of the necessary structures. If you really intend to put territorial medicine back on its feet in Lombardy, another commitment is needed.

The region: guarantees all communal houses

The National Board of Health replies that the list has been revised so that it complies with the limits set out in the national plan. The selection was dictated by economic criteria as well as by the territorial distribution of the offices. The 17 houses on the second list will also be built, Pirellone assures, with entirely regional funds.

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