Cammarota: “We need a regulation of culture, we are waiting to see it from Tringali”


by Monica De Santis

“The Transparency Commission of Salerno Municipality will not lower the awareness of the funds allocated to the cultural sector and the management of municipal spaces” to say that this is the lawyer Antonio Cammarota, opposition municipal councilor and chairman of the aforementioned commission. Last May 18, we listened to the representatives of the Deem Group, who submitted a dossier prepared by them specifically on the culture of the city of Salerno, in particular, and here the competence of the Commission, for transparency in contributions. – said the lawyer Cammarota – Salerno Municipality has a very old regulation, from 1990, where the payment of contributions is not properly regulated. In particular, there are no calls. Contributions are paid on request and not at the counter, which makes a big difference. Without specific and predetermined rules. It is true that culture, so to speak, presupposes an artistic element, even a subjective one, which cannot enter the rankings. But if there are no calls, there are demonstrations. And then one thing is Caravaggio’s canvas and another thing is to ask for a space to make an exhibition. In this way, the suspicion of measures of a condescending nature and purpose is avoided ”. Therefore, the Opposition Council recalls when, at the time of the regulation of the participating institutes, he had demanded and promoted the Cultural Council … ”For culture presupposes a majority idea that is incompatible with the prebend, without certain and predetermined rules. And that is precisely why we had an exchange with Commissioner Tringali, who stated that he was drafting this regulation. Let’s see what it’s all about ”. Cammarota explains that in this logic, of a regulation for the management of contributions to the cultural sector, the logic of theaters and Verdi theater, of course, also has something to do with it … “It is clear that great art, great culture, travel on a path to itself, and that’s right.And it’s also right to promote the Verdi Theater, for expertise is the beauty that must continue anyway.But there is a moment of unprecedented economic crisis and administrative disorder, and perhaps a revision of these expenditures should be put on the agenda, something which has not yet been done. ” The lawyer then shifts the attention to amateur groups or minors, … “” I had always suggested a lever for the Salerno Theater, where I used all our amateur companies, e.g. Ghirelli Theater in turn, and also made a show for free for any amateur company. This is because in Salerno there is so much excitement, a little listening, no promotion, when the Salerno actors could instead give prestige to our city instead of establishing themselves somewhere else. “At the Auditorium, which is still closed, strikes Cammarota the municipal administration … “An absolute excellence at European level, despairing of the indifference of the city’s administrative action for years now. But we have also dealt with this in the transparency committee and we condemned everything I have said now. From this point of view, neglect, indifference and inability, the navigation in sight of this administration in disarray and represented by “Salerno Porte Aperte”, which was a beautiful event, which this year is no longer promoted. The loss of such a beautiful event, which also involved the city’s schools, is unfortunately due to the fact that Salerno Municipality does not have a cultural councilor and is full of technical councilors, due to the serious crisis for the cause of the judicial inquiries which prevented the political assessors, those whom everyone knows, and who were to have the powers of attorney which were not given at the time ‘. The lawyer Cammarota focuses in his analysis of the cultural world in Salerno and in the places intended for this, also the attention of the Arena del Parco del Mercatello, which we remember was built last year, as an alternative to the Arena del Mare. give cultural actors and associations the opportunity to enjoy an open space where they can organize their shows. To date, we are still waiting to know if this will be realized or not, and the more days go by, the more difficulty cultural actors will have in organizing evenings with famous names in the panorama of the Italian entertainment world… “The Arena del Parco del Mercatello and the park itself is the big mystery of this municipal administration, we also dealt with it a few years ago, again in the transparency committee, they told us that everything was ready to relaunch the park, because it is no use having such a thing, if it does not promote itself.And it was precisely in these that we learned that the works that should be completed in 2023. My idea was to get private individuals to work, manage spaces.Create an interdisciplinary park so that it can be cared for , because there is no point in having a large resource if it is then neglected and becomes a problem rather than an advantage ‘.

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