Borgo Gallana. Andrew Trotter’s new massage in Puglia

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Borgo Gallana - Photo by Salva López
Borgo Gallana – Photo by Salva López

06/09/2022 – Borgo Gallana is the new accommodation, signed by Andrew Trotter studylocated among the olive trees in the countryside of Oria, in Puglia.

With two existing structures already in the ground, Studio Andrew Trotter designed a patio between them and two stairs on each side. In addition, the existing properties have been expanded to achieve three independent homes.

Architecturally, vaulted ceilings and concrete floors have been used throughout the property. The local sandstone “tuff” is the main material used for the construction of the structures. The custom-made and locally made sinks and kitchen worktops are designed by Studio.

It tells the young owner Giuseppe to our editorial staff.

How was the project born and what is the philosophy behind it?
“Like many guys from the south, I decided to move to Milan to make my personal and professional dreams come true. But, as often happens, distance helps to better appreciate the origins and beauty that I was fortunate enough to experience as I still relive the same feelings today every time I have the opportunity to return to this corner of Puglia.
This project was born out of the desire to let Borgo Gallana’s guests experience what I have lived and continue to live in today, a simple and authentic Puglia made of rural traditions and nature.
Oria, the village of Borgo Gallana, is one of the oldest places in Puglia, of medieval origin, still very authentic and simple.

Four years ago I decided to buy land in the countryside of Oria, near my hometown.
A land made of 100 olive and fruit trees with inside two houses formerly inhabited by two families, along with the animals that supported the families’ work and finances.

The two farmhouses contained very interesting architectural elements that inspired the whole project carried out by Andrew Trotter, such as the old fireplace, the star vaults, the masonry benches, the whitewashed walls without plaster and the industrial concrete floor “.

What have you chosen to cherish and what should you tear down?
“We decided to save everything that was there, except for a flat vault that was rebuilt in the 70s by collapsing.

The two houses have been extended to allow the addition of bathrooms and a third apartment.

In terms of outdoor areas, Andrew has created two patios.
The first entrance courtyard, in the middle of the houses, with two stairs inside and a large area with gravel of bare stones and another larger courtyard that embraces all three apartments that house the Mediterranean garden and a 10×4 swimming pool.
These courts represent the common areas of the 3 houses.
With the aim of also encouraging moments of private relaxation, private gardens with kitchens, benches and private outdoor pools have been created “.

Is there any curiosity or anecdote related to the project?
“Originally, the country estates were very dark, almost cramped. To take advantage of the beautiful sunset light, Andrew decided to draw large arches in each room overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In this way, guests can benefit from both a beautiful light, but also the view of the garden that is visible from everywhere in the house.

The garden represents a unique choice, in fact it is curated by the founders of Lamia Santolina, who have thought of a space dedicated to the Mediterranean ecosystem. Careful research aimed at protecting varieties of native and endemic plants planted in a centuries-old olive grove, to diversify and enrich a memory that was in danger of being lost.

More than 50 local workers were involved in the construction of Borgo Gallana. The search for the workers was the phase that took more than a year, as the techniques used so far are little used and some not in use. The research phase was very long, knowing that it would have made a difference ”.

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Owner Giuseppe De Vanna - Photo Salva López

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