Bobo Vieri between amarcord and a star’s new life: “In Viareggio my childhood and my masters”

The anecdotes about the holiday and the tournament, the shows on social media: “I’m almost more famous now.” With the smiling and cunning face that made him one of the nicest and most beloved main characters in our football

Viareggio Bold and ironic as always. With the smiling and cunning face that made him one of the nicest and most beloved main characters in our football.

Christian Vieri, when he presented the 2022 edition of the Gillette Bobo Summer Cup in the halls of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, was perhaps also a little excited to find himself in the Viareggio he used to go to as a child, “da my uncle took me here on Sea Holiday “. And where he – with the Torino Primavera jersey – played the matches of the Viareggio Cup as a very young star in Italian football, the “truly most important international youth tournament in the world – says Bobo – I remember that when I was in the youth team spoke the championship and the different trophies with, but we all kept track of the days left before the Viareggio tournament. For us it was like the Champions League. I remember playing the semi-final in Calenzano in two editions: for me when I was growing up in Prato, it was like playing at home, but I always lost. And then I impressed a Torino-Piacenza in my memory: it ended 1-1, I scored and saw Pippo Inzaghi. Even then it bothered me … ».

Quietly, with the air of a communicator rather than a sportsman, Vieri does not struggle to focus attention on an initiative “as Viareggio Municipality has strongly wanted, and for this I thank both the Mayor Giorgio Del Ghingaro and the ‘Council’ Rodolfo Salemi , who have carefully marked my men – explains the unforgettable Inter and national team champion – will be a long and fun weekend, full of games, sports, initiatives for everyone: from children to the elderly.It is an event dedicated to families, to those who want to come back to have fun and enjoy physical activity in the open sea: If you hear girls shouting for happiness, they will definitely be my daughters.I think it is important to create something for families and for the little ones : After these two years there is a need ».

Before the most famous faces go on the field, the arena set up on Belvedere delle Maschere, in front of Piazza Mazzini, will already host the “Powerade Padel Cup”, an amateur tournament in which 24 male and 6 female couples will participate.

“It is an initiative that embodies the spirit with which we have also organized this edition – declares Vieri – fun must be at the center of everything. And the response was incredible: sign-ups sold out in just seven minutes. My friends and I play instead tomorrow and Sunday, all the profits from the tickets go to the Heal Foundation. This type of opportunity is a wonderful means of solidarity – he explains – and in previous editions we have already achieved important results: in 2018 we achieved around 80 thousand euros, in 2019 even 130 thousand. We hope to improve further here in Viareggio: in the meantime, even the seats for dinner at Principino have been sold out. Two hundred people for 70 euros each, of which 20 go to charity. We are already at a good point ‘.

Meanwhile, tonight at the Jenco Theater, there will be live Bobo TV, the new talk show created on Twitch during the pandemic of Vieri. “We want to talk about football, about current affairs, chat with the public, which I’m sure will be numerous – explains the former footballer – we would like to stay there for an hour and a half, as long as Lele Adani and Cassano allow it. Because when they start, they never end. But this is the beauty of Bobo TV – he says – in the beginning I just did something directly on social media and invited some friends, but being two had started to get boring. So I realized I had to take a step forward: I met Twitch through Brocchi’s kids because they video play and broadcast their livestreams there. So I involved Ventola, Adani and Cassano: We found our dimension – he explains – without offending anyone, everyone is free to say what they want. And with some episodes, with Guardiola or Ronaldo as guests, we had millions of spectators to watch us. We have become more famous now than when we were football players: Today – he says – children aged ten and older stop at 80 me.

Mayor Del Ghingaro is also thrilled. “With this event, the high quality sport returns to Viareggio, with characters who have created and are creating the history of our football – comments the mayor – we are in a phase of great revitalization of the city and being able to host an initiative such as this provides great qualitative depth for the promotion of Viareggio nationally and internationally. The hope – he concludes – is that it will be the beginning of a collaboration that looks to the future. ”And when we talk about the future , the idea of ​​Pini Stadium is inevitable “for which the process continues as established: unfortunately – explains Del Ghingaro – the cost of raw materials has increased by another 700 thousand euros, bringing the total investment that Viareggio will make relying only on its own strength. But let’s move on with confidence and conviction.


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