BIC, “Where Design Begins” with independent ideas

BIC trusted Independent ideascreative shop of Publicis Groupeto design a touchpoint dedicated to the 60th edition of Furniture exhibition. Goal: to give substance to the very essence of BIC, a distinctive and timeless icon known worldwide as the most popular pen ever.

BIC Cristal® Original it is the typical pen: it has lived for many generations, and its range, which has evolved into more than 60 different models and 15 colors, has followed many people’s daily lives for over 70 years, marking moments of inspiration and creative moments. freedom.

It is precisely from a single stroke on paper that timeless creations can come to life, and for this reason the brand represents the allies of all time to the start of a project, the birth of a vision or the sharing of stories and ideas. A story that is in all respects the same as a design project.

In the name of this insoluble band, the creative idea “Where Design Begins” was born, which guides the development of the concept, space and experience elements within the exhibition path created by Independent Ideas for Salone del Mobile 2022.

“We are proud to work for such an iconic brand that has been present in people’s lives almost always. The strength of this operation lies in the type of relationship established between us and the customer that has involved us immediately and not just in the creative phase “, he stated. Erick LoiExecutive Creative Director for Independent Ideas, interviewed by Touchpoint Today.

“As a true consulting partner,” he continued, “we did not limit ourselves to campaigning to support an operation, but we did create the operation itself.” In fact, based on the company’s mission, which aimed to build a significant presence during Design Week, we have renewed the partnership with Salone del Mobile, and created the conditions to give life to this initiative, which is able to combine art, communication and design. So the new one Cristal® Re’NewTM it has become the official pen of the Salone del Mobile. From here, the campaign “Where Design Begins” started, which was created to lead the event. The concept focuses on BIC as a tool for creativity, because this pen is the means capable of translating the inspiration of artists and designers. But the discourse can be extended to any creative, as almost any project starts from a blank page and a BIC in hand, which is essential to fixing the idea. Even on the visual level, the campaign is in line with this concept as it incorporates the effect of a work created using a BIC. To further establish the idea in the audience of visitors to the Salon, we presented an original work signed by the architect and designer Fabio november and we have combined it with a series of works signed by international artists. Of course, the common thread is always the iconic pen ‘.

Cristal® Re’NewTM is the latest addition to the BIC series, incorporating the iconic shape of the Original, projecting it into the future thanks to its modern and elegant design with the matte aluminum cylinder and the ability to refill it.

The exhibition was set up in pavilion 16-20, the nerve center for the trade fair visit, and presents to the public five works of art created with the BIC Cristal Original pen, used by artists as a tool or an integral part of works themselves.

The result is an exclusive space designed under the banner of inspiration, the same as guiding the creation of a work of art or the birth of a creative idea that perfectly embodies the double soul of the brand, combining surprising simplicity and unmistakable design. .

Fabio Novembre has chosen BIC Cristal® Re’NewTM as an exclusive art tool in the creation of a unique work, dedicated to the simplicity and elegance of the historical pen. The work was previewed on Wednesday, June 8 at the brand’s booth.

Agency: Independent ideas

MANAGER: Alberto Fusignani

Executive Creative Director: Erick Loi

Customer Service Director: Cabiria Granchelli

Art director: Mattia Errico

Art Director: Roberto Nicosia

Moving graphics: Giulio Petrone

Head of Copy: Christian Leoni

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