11.41 – Friday, June 10, 2022

Comparison on higher education and the attractiveness of hotel schools with the Provincial Council for Education, Culture and Universities Mirko Bisesti. Yesterday afternoon, June 8, Asat’s Executive Board met with the representative of the provincial government to discuss and discuss the future of professional education and thus the education system’s ability to attract students and create qualified professionals for the hospitality sector in Trentino, as well as culture and a lever to strengthen the promotion of Trentino.


Education and training.
The President of Asat Giovanni Battaiola recalled that “the tourism system and the economy need a quality education system to train people who best express their potential and to equip them with skills that will enable them to enter the tourism market. “. Tourism in Trentino and its companies, in order to express themselves best in the national and world market, need qualified partners, specialist skills, training even for the entrepreneurs themselves. “During the current legislative assembly,” Battaiola said, “between Asat and the Department of Knowledge, there have been discussions and sharing about revising curricula and about some initiatives in the provincial area. We believe that the measures taken to strengthen the relationship between school and work are important: the launch of the dual system, training internships, the various forms of apprenticeship training, the consolidation and the restart of highly vocational training courses “.

Asat turned to the councilor and asked for a comprehensive introduction to school education at all types and levels of an in-depth study of the tourist economy in its economic, cultural and social aspects and a greater commitment to the orientation activity regarding the choice of colleges. Among the association’s requests, there is also a permanent coordination between all actors in the supply chain (schools, companies and the province), to verify the correspondence of professional paths to the companies’ job demand and a comparison of training methods, paths and content of the various technical and professional courses with a view to a profitable exchange between the needs of business and the education system, in addition to refining and supporting the introduced tools (dual system, apprenticeships, internships) through comparison and collaboration systematics at central and school level. “In particular,” he concluded, “further and greater efforts are needed to raise the quality of teaching and speed up the dual system, which has not yet provided the answers that the system expects.” Finally, we are waiting to know in detail the reform project for higher education developed by the Demarchi Foundation with support from TSM, and how the ITS reform will be implemented in Trentino. Asat has for some time advocated the creation of a high-profile school, where the girls and boys from the various institutions in Trentino and the national area who have achieved the best results can meet through an appropriate selection process.

Councilor Bisesti wanted to emphasize that “in these three years we have brought the bar back to the center of vocational education to improve its appeal to young people”. “At the moment,” he explained, “we are working on a new project on the system of higher professional education. In the middle schools, Iprase organized an orientation event for teachers to raise awareness of the possibilities of the professional schools in Trentino. We will try to repeat this possibility again next year, so that middle school teachers can provide more detailed information about the possibilities for vocational education and vocational schools ». Bisesti also commented on the issue of changing curricula: it is our goal to increase the quality of young people’s skills in vocational schools, to get outsiders to perceive that vocational schools are a choice. level like other school forms such as high schools.

“It is,” he said, “a first step in increasing the attractiveness of professional education among Trentino families. Another element of raising quality is structuring more and more, as we already do, the five-year courses for professional women to enable our children to reach maturity and to be able to choose further education such as high school. education or university. Another key that we insist on is the strengthening of the dual system based on the Central European model used by the neighboring country Alto Adige to bring schools closer to companies and their needs ». The aim is to make Trentino a country of higher education, joining forces to provide a more attractive vocational training offer with a proposal linking its academies at the national level to access PNRR funds. “The theme of upper secondary school students’ orientation towards vocational schools remains central and fundamental,” he concluded. To provide concrete elements to students, you need testimonials from those who, like you hotel owners, have direct experience in the sector and can explain what work in tourism means. Let us think of an open day at the Trentino school in the autumn to illustrate the educational offer, including the professional, for families and children in the light of their future choices. We want to show the progress that the vocational schools in Trentino have made, also in the field of skills transferred to students in the field of innovation and technology. With regard to the overall quality of teaching and updating teaching models, I commit myself to implementing actions that allow intervention in the desired direction ”.


«Culture, art, entertainment, environment and tourism – Battaiola began – are concepts that are closely linked. Promoting high-quality initiatives that strengthen the cultural, artistic and environmental characteristics of our territory represent a strategic choice to develop provincial tourism in a sustainable way. “Asat considers it necessary to continuously compare the coordination system for museum activities with the tourism industry establishment of appropriate working groups. “One of the proposals we would like to realize – explained Battaiola – is a museum spread throughout the provincial area, using the seats provided by some hotels, selected because of their position, historical value or quality of the offer, where they can exhibit the works of art which are currently stored in museum depots and are therefore not available to the public. All aspects of the safety and protection of the works will be carefully assessed, but we believe it could be an idea, a path to be followed with the actors of the provincial cultural world. “

Bisesti confirmed that “on the cultural front, the aim is to promote a tourist image externally, which also includes the important investments made in this sense. In the world of culture, we have introduced a method of joint dialogue. In perspective, thanks to the new law being discussed in recent months, there is a central coordination, the Trentino Museum Council, to better plan activities and exhibitions in the areas in order to sell a unique Trentino system to the outside world that can increase Trentino’s appeal. The exhibitions in the area organized by Mart also go in this direction, for example to bring the culture to the outside and create a greater influence on the territory. The university has also moved into the area by opening a track in Val di Fiemme for the 2026 Olympics ».

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