Administrative elections and referendums, polling stations: useful information

Next weekend we will vote in the 5 referendums on justice and in the administrative elections. In total, according to data from the Interior Ministry, there are 51,533,195 voters, of which 25,039,273 are men and 26,493,922 women.

Polling stations remain open only on Sundays, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m .; the count starts from the referendum and then goes from Monday at. 14 to the ballot papers for the municipal and district elections.

The administrations include in particular 4 regional capitals (Genoa, Palermo, Catanzaro and L’Aquila) and 22 provincial capitals (Alessandria, Asti, Barletta, Belluno, Como, Cuneo, Frosinone, Gorizia, La Spezia, Lodi, Lucca, Messina, Monza, Oristano , Padua, Parma, Piacenza, Pistoia, Rieti, Taranto, Verona and Viterbo).

With regard to voter access, it is the responsibility of each voter to adhere to some basic rules of prevention, such as avoiding leaving the house and going to the polls in case of respiratory symptoms or body temperature above 37.5 ° C.

In order to gain access to the polling stations, even if the use of the surgical mask was initially required by all voters and any other eligible person, such as list representatives, the protection devices will instead only be “recommended”.

Polling Schools: Useful Information

Despite the provisions of the Interior Minister’s Decree of 15 July 2021 on the payment of contributions for the benefit of municipalities to identify alternative locations for school buildings for the use of polling stations, the use of schools will still be widespread, the public or parts of them, with the known consequences for the organization and implementation of educational activities.

It is always the mayors of the various municipalities who, while taking over prefectural powers with their own executive order, define the identification of suitable school buildings. The repercussions for the school and thus for the employees’ obligations depend from case to case on the type of provision the mayor himself issues.

Cleaning and preparation of the premises

The preparation of the premises, their operation and cleaning at the end of the election is the sole responsibility of the Municipality. ATA personnel can therefore not be used for these purposes unless an agreement has been entered into with the municipality in advance on such use, but only on a voluntary basis against payment of remuneration and with subsequent compensatory rest such as those who are directly involved in the vote. station

Closure of a school, complex or office located in another municipality, with maintenance of the opening of the headquarters in another municipality

In this case, all the activities of the school / complex alone are suspended, but not the activities of the head office. The teaching staff and the ATA in service at the place that remains closed are not obliged to perform work services at the head office (taking into account that the employment of teachers and the ATA for another common school place has an annual duration), unless are “actual and extraordinary operational needs”. Such use must be in any case dropped to supplementary school contract and only for the strictly necessary.

Closure of a single complex or branch of a school with several locations in the same municipality, but not of the head office

All activities for the students in the individual complex or the department in question are suspended, but not the activities in the other departments of the school. Also in this case, the teaching and ATA staff are not obliged, on closing days, to work in the other offices, unless there are “actual operational needs” (eg temporary staff absent). The use of staff can not be decided solely by the school head, but dropped to supplementary school contract for the strictly necessary.

Closure of part of the school building, or suspension of teaching / didactic activities, but without closure of the chairmanship and secretariat

There are situations where the entire school building is not used to set up the spaces, but only some classrooms and part of the hallways. In this case, the students stay at home and the teachers have no teaching obligations; there is an obligation to participate in functional and collegial activities as well as additional activities if they are already programmed in the annual activity plan, according to the established schedule, and if it is compatible with the availability of the premises.

With the opening of the Presidency and Secretariat, ATA staff will remain on call for operational needs. The use of personnel can not be determined unilaterally, but always dropped to supplementary school contract.

An additional case may occur, particularly recurring in the Comprehensive Institutes: closure of a floor or wing of the building that coincides with the location of the classrooms at a single level of education (e.g., elementary school). Teaching will be held for students who are in the non-interested sector (high school, to continue the example) with teachers in permanent service according to the planned schedule. ATA personnel provide work for the necessary operational needs.

Closure of the school with chairmanship and secretariat, but not of other complexes, departments or detached departments

At the head office, the students stay at home and the teachers and ATAs will not be able to operate. Students from other places, on the other hand, take care of normal teaching. Again the leader, always with criteria defined in the negotiationsmust meet the possible needs of the open branches / sections (eg for the provisional function of the secretariat elsewhere).


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