Absolution Piacenti D’Ubaldi, Novelli: “Breaking Free from the Legalistic Culture”

Federico Novelli – PSI Regional Secretary

On December 23, 2017, the five-star movement thundered “The day after condemning the city with an insane maneuver, the budget councilor was arrested” and again from the serious indications of guilt that emerged after the information released by the Guardia di Finanza we will request ” immediate annulment in self-defense of all decisions regarding the sale of pharmacies and the rebalancing plan, which would have alleged fraudulent behavior between members of the public administration and private subjects, which seems to have been the city’s real ‘shadow government’. The Democratic Party junta – they emphasize – is undergoing the third arrest in seven months. Also in this case, the sense of impunity that has been repeatedly described since the arrest of the mayor, who is still under investigation, is widely emphasized. There is no more to say, no more justifications, no apologies, no more waiting or waiting. They destroyed the city, and now they have to go and run. ‘

A few months earlier, they had led the attack on City Council on May 3, urging all citizens to participate. The blog thus opened the invitation “The clicks in the handcuffs of the mayor of Terni may not have been heard by the new secretary Piddino Renzi, who has not said a word and leaves the city in chaos ruled by the prison via Pd”.

We should look at the pictures of that Council meeting today. On the same day, an authoritative exponent of the Terni right “The worst administration since the post-war period has sunk into a sea of ​​scandals, investigations, internal struggles and bankruptcies. The Ministry of the Interior, the Court of Auditors, the Criminal Justice Service have noticed this …”.

Not much different, a young exponent of FI, today an administrator of a council of grand coalitions (the Germans would say) “There is never an end to the worst, but we hope that the events these days represent the lowest point of the sad events , which has exhausted the city of Terni “.

I save other quotes from the participants in the judicial orgy, famous exponents of the whole constitutional arc (it would have been said once). On June 7, 2022, the Court of Appeal of Perugia returned the honor and personal dignity of former Councilor Vittorio Piacenti D’Ubaldi. The last Terni administrator to leave the Spada case, after all the other acquittals. As many have done in recent days, my party and I also express the satisfaction, closeness and attestation of respect for an honest man, to a serious, prepared public administrator who has always put the public interest before political action.

Yet exposed to the political-media-legal pillar that we have known very well for years. Equal satisfaction for all the other acquittals before him, starting with Senator Di Girolamo. I have not read, perhaps because of inattention, a word from yesterday’s forcaioli. These events should make political parties question the relationship between politics and justice.

Unfortunately, apart from a few hints, I have not read reflections on this topic. We are on the threshold of a referendum from which most politicians do not speak. Since 1992, the issue of justice has been a taboo for almost all political forces. Since 1992, justice for many parties has been a common method of political struggle. The violent demolition, annihilation of the opponent is a practice.

After events like yesterday, we can not continue to pretend that nothing has happened. I then publicly relaunch a double reflection that we have developed in recent weeks and that we return to submit to all the other political forces from the Umbrian left, to the Democratic Party, to Articolo Uno, Sinistra Italia, Rifondazione, Verdi, Italy Viva, Action, + Europe, Radical Party.

The first: Let us finally free ourselves from the judicial culture and regain possession of the guarantees. The second: once again, we have not read a word of self-criticism from the five stars regarding the violent campaigns.

Yet they are now involved in center-left alliances in many local administrations, starting with the provinces of Terni and Perugia and in many municipalities. I believe that behaving as if nothing was on our side, without asking the movement for clear words about the methods they have adopted in recent years, is not helpful in building solid alliances and is not understood by citizens.

It is an ambiguity that will still end up nurturing justice again.

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