2022 edition of the Compasso d’Oro at the ADI Design Museum

Published June 10, 2022

The important prize design Italian, the Gold Compass ADIopens its XXVII edition at its natural location, the ADI Design Museum of Milano. Nearly seventy years after the first edition, the best of modern Made in Italy design finds recognition in the professional world and visibility among the general public in its own dedicated headquarters.

As always Gold Compass will go on an equal footing with the designers and manufacturers of the products and services selected by the jury to which the winners of Targa Giovani, reserved for projects created by design students during their studies. The Compasso d’Oro for Lifetime Achievement will be awarded by the ADI to leading figures in Italian and international design who have dedicated their entire professional lives to design, and the shortlist of winners will be completed by three objects who have demonstrated their quality with a lasting success: three long salesmen marking the history and present of Italian design. But the XXVII edition of the Compasso d’Oro ADI has an important novelty: it is the first to be held under a specific theme, which inspired both the pre-selection of the ADI Design Index 2020 and 2021 and the selection of winners by the jury. Three keywords: Development – Sustainable – Responsible.

“Comasso d’Oro, a privileged operator in the complex design system – declares Luciano Galimberti, President of ADI – has a duty to take a clear position on the future. A position that is a proposal and planning choice of field, not a simple communication attitude “. Adds Umberto Cabini, president of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Collection Foundation: “The new generations of designers are learning sustainability in the classrooms of universities along with the basic principles of the subject. At the same time, the economy must find new reasons that do not contradict these ethical concerns.”

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