Water bomb in Cosenza, a school evacuated. Flooded streets in Paola, in Scalea it is raining in the town hall PHOTO | VIDEO

A real water bomb that dumped … liters and liters on the Cosentino within ten minutes. Starting with the capital, where day passers-by were forced to leave the central pedestrian area of ​​Corso Mazzini and Piazza Bilotti in a hurry to seek refuge in the shops. Traders are keen to get rid of the water: Due to the presence of dirt in the manholes (some literally pulled up by the water) and in the drains, the rain does not flow well and creeps into commercial activities. Intervention by firefighters at the Don Milani-De Matera school was requested due to the flooding. Even in the hospital area (Koppen), the water has created nuisances.

To Paola

A complicated situation also in Paola: the cars were blocked by centimeters and centimeters of rain and also a hilly area with Tower floor (formerly “theater” of a landslide) – as reported by the correspondent Francesco Maria Storino – water shock came back. Some traders took to the streets in an attempt to manually clear manholes and wedges and prevent water from entering the stores.

I Scalea

In Scalea, the town hall was evacuated during the year-end demonstration by the students at the primary school. The emergency response was followed by a statement from the administration: “We inform you that there are controls underway in the area to stem emergencies due to the sudden and violent storm that hit our city a few minutes ago. The amount of Rain caused water infiltration in the town hall during the year-end demonstration with the children of the inclusive institution We promptly cleared the room, secured the children and at the same time asked for immediate intervention to the company carrying out the work. which confirms any responsibility “.

Communication from Cosenza Municipality

“With reference to the sudden water bomb that hit the city this morning, the municipal administration, led by the mayor, has Franz Caruso, intervened immediately, “reads a note,” with maintenance teams to minimize the critical problems and inconveniences that citizens have had to deal with due to heavy rainfall. The Mayor thanked the Councilor for Maintenance Francesco De Cicco, owner in particular the delegation for the regular and extraordinary maintenance of roads and water and sewer networks, who immediately activated alarming vehicles and men to cope with the emergency.

“The municipal administration responded quickly to the citizens’ requests – said Commissioner De Cicco – and provided immediate answers to the critical issues to be resolved. The whole city of Cosenza, as well as the hinterland and the province – added De Cicco – suffered floods and serious traffic problems. We deployed the forces at our disposal and we immediately intervened and set up two vacuum cleaners and three regular maintenance teams and another extraordinary maintenance team, we immediately liberated Piazza Europe and then moved our efforts to Corso Mazzini and Via Roma, and also to via Popilia , via degli Stadi and San Vito. We have been and are present throughout the area. “Councilor De Cicco also has a telephone number to be contacted in special emergencies, and reports are also issued: 3338689579. “Every year – added De Cicco – we intervene in advance and guarantee the cleaning of the wells, with a maintenance team dedicated to this task, but when an event like today, characterized by heavy rainfall, occurs, even prevention may not be enough “With our presence, we try to keep the nuisances to a minimum. Mayor Franz Caruso’s municipal administration is ready to face any emergency and is close to the citizens”.

The attention in the municipal administration remains high despite the next 24 hours and until midnight tomorrow Friday 10 June, the Civil Protection’s warning message draws a yellow weather forecast frame in the city with possible thunderstorm phenomena, which they can develop into even persistent storms. The message from the regional civil protection also points to possible flood phenomena in accordance with the rivers, but with a large catchment area. By virtue of this forecasting framework, the municipality’s civil protection sector, led by the director Antonella Rino, has issued the usual communication to the citizens, recommending the adoption of some behavioral measures, including:

– * Do not stop near rivers, ramparts, streams, slopes, bridges;

– * Be extremely careful when crossing underpasses or bridges;

– * Be aware of the possible fall of branches and trees;

– * Do not stand in areas with possible falls of cornices or tiles;

– * Do not stop in underground or basement rooms that are exposed to possible flooding.

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