Warriors star Klay Thompson sends a warning to the Celtics after the defeat


Getty Images Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are at a disadvantage, but not out of their series of NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics, according to star guard Klay Thompson.

Despite trailing 2-1, Thompson and the Warriors show a firm “they’ve been here before” attitude, which they clearly have, as this is the Warriors’ sixth trip to the final in eight years.

“We have no intentions of overreacting,” Thompson said after race 3 on Thursday. “We’ve been in this situation before. Get good vibes 2015.”

In 2015, the Warriors overcame a 2-1 disadvantage against the Cavaliers led by LeBron James, eventually winning the series 4-2 for their first title in this current dynastic series.

“Being 2-1 down and I mean they play in a similar style. You know, a lot of one-on-ones attacking downhill and spraying the field with really good shooters. It’s very similar,” he said. Thompson. “And of course they have great players on their team. I do not think they have LeBron James, but they do have All-NBA guys in Tatum. I think Brown is knocking on the door. With the mere fact of being 2-1 down in a series of leagues like we’ve been here before, we can count on our experience. “

His deputy, Stephen Curry, repeated this feeling.

“It helps to know that we’ve been through a bit of each in the last eight years, and we can draw on that experience,” Curry said. “Of course we still feel we can win the series.”

Klay Thompson not happy with performance so far PlayKlay Thompson Post-Game Interview (Game 3) | Celtics vs Warriors | 2022 NBA Finals Golden State Warriors Interview after the game with Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson speaks to the media after the defeat to the Boston Celtics 116-100 (game 3 – NBA Finals 2022). Subscribe ► bit.ly/2O1jWlQ2022-06-09T04:33:33Z

Thompson made his best match of the series in Game 3, scoring 25 points and delivering some big 3 points. In the previous two games, he had only scored 26 points in total, so it was a step in the right direction. Thompson, however, does not care what the box says if his team is not the one who scored the win.

“It did not go well enough because we lost. I would very much have preferred to have the result of Race 2 and my performance, no matter how many shots you take, how effective you are, ”said Thompson. “The only thing that really matters is the result of the match. Even though we missed one, we have a wonderful opportunity on Friday to draw the series and do what we were supposed to and that was to put one on the road.

As the Celtics swarm against Curry every time he gets an empty breath, it’s up to Thompson and the other Warriors shooters to step forward when they see an opportunity. Thompson was 5 out of 13 from the bottom of Game 3.

Klay Thompson calls Boston Crowd “F-Bombs”

A lot has been done by the Boston crowd and their “Fk you Draymond” chants throughout the game. Green and others talked about the situation, and Thompson was not a fan either.

“We’ve already played in front of rude people. Drop atomic bombs with kids in the crowd. Really classic,” Thompson said. “Good job, Boston.”

Boston guard Marcus Smart is no stranger to being targeted by a hostile crowd and believes chants may have affected Green, who scored 2 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists before eliminating errors.

“I certainly think it may have affected Draymond in some way, but we all know that Draymond lives off it too. It’s a little hard to say what effect it had on him because he hugs him, that’s it. , he is, “Smart told reporters before training on Thursday.” She wears it and uses it to feed it. “

Game 4 is scheduled for Friday at TD Garden. Boston is a favorite with four points to the game.


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