Volcanic Attitude, the modern cultural festival crossing the Aeolian Islands from 10 to 13 June 2022 Events in Messina

The first edition of Volcanic Attitude is about to start, the festival of modern culture, which from 10 to 13 June will cross the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands.

The festival was born from an idea from the Cose Cosmiche collective (Helga Franza and Silvia Hell), the artistic management of the project, and developed in collaboration with Giulia Restifo and Susanna Ravelli. Volcanic Attitude aims to connect artists ‘and scientists’ research with volcanic territories and the primary forces of nature. In its distinctive itinerary and in a spirit of connection with the host areas, the festival captures the intention to encourage interdisciplinary and interpersonal meeting and exchange, also involving local communities and the public of new and regular visitors. By creating renewed synergies between art practice, scientific thinking and the most advanced and current research in nature, the goal is to stimulate new perspectives and a reflection on acting and thinking in the present, in relation to the place and to the tools we use.

With annual cycle and a strong momentum, the festival develops in two moments: the already existing volcanic position. Approach / Approach (September 28 – October 2, 2021), research phase and artistic stay and the next volcanic position. Landing / Landing, a moment of restitution to the public of the experiences and results that emerged during the stay. Artists Fabrizio Perghem were invited to reject the theme, based on their own research and personal practice, with an installation on the distillation process of volcanic fumes, Fabrizio Vatieri, with a three-act sound performance, and the Zapruder collective, who will suggest scenic fighting exercises on the beach . The invited scientific experts are Chiara Boschi, First Researcher, CNR – Institute of Geosciences and Georesources, Andrea Dini, First Researcher, Cnr – Institute of Geosciences and Georesources, Andrea Orlando, Archaeoastronomer, Ias – Institute of Sicilian Archaeoastronomy, Salvatore Passaro , Marine Geologist, Cnr- Department of Marine Science.

Volcanic Attitude starts Landing / Atterografo in Naples with the inauguration at the Morra Greco Foundation (10 June 2022 at 16.00). It will continue aboard the ship Laurana, Tyrrhenian Sea, and on the island of Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, with a program of conversations, performances and happenings. Among the events aimed at exploring and discovering Vulcano’s territory, a panoramic boat trip to Gelso and the exploration hike on the slopes of Vulcano.

At its first edition, Volcanic Attitude, the Festival of contemporary culture has received support from Caronte & Tourist, a private shipping company founded in 2003 and covering maritime connections to and from Sicily, and Hotel Les Sables Noir & Spa, a typical Aeolian hotel, from the oldest Sicilian tradition.


Friday, June 10th 16.00 Inauguration, Volcanic Attitude. Landing / Landing, Morra Greco Foundation Kl. 17.00 Performance, I thought it was love. Act I, Fabrizio Vatieri, artist, Morra Greco Foundation. 21.00 Video, Simulated flight on a bathymetric digital model, Salvatore Passaro, Marine Geologist, CNR – Department of Marine Science, The ship Laurana – salon Kl. 22.30 Performance, I thought it was love. Act II, Fabrizio Vatieri, artist, Nave Laurana – front tire. 23:00 Music, Volcanic Attitude Playlist, Volcanic Attitude collective playlist, Nave Laurana – bar deck.

Saturday, June 11th 9.00 Conversation, breakfast with artists and researchers, Fabrizio Perghem, artist and Andrea Dini, senior researcher, CNR – Department of Geosciences and Georesources, Nave Laurana. 17.30 Happening, Scenic fighting exercises, Peng !, Zapruder, artists, Black sand beach. 20.00 Talk, Serpentinite and CO2 sequestration, Chiara Boschi, first researcher, CNR – Department of Geosciences and Georesources, Hotel Les Sables Noir & Spa – terrace. 21.00 Dinner and tasting, Chartreuse, Gianfranco Pola, bartender and author, Hotel Les Sables Noir & Spa – terrace.

Sunday, June 12th 10:00 Excursion by boat to Mulberry, Ponente Bay Pier – Black Sands. 11.30 Talk, Volcanoes, above and below the feet, Andrea Dini, senior researcher, CNR – Department of Geosciences and Georesources. 13.00 Installation, 12.06.22 | 00:03 | Vulcano, Fabrizio Perghem, artist, Mulberry Lighthouse. 17.30 Happening, Scenic Fighting Exercises, Money! Zapruder, artists, Black Sands Beach. 20.30 Talk, The Cosmos of the Ancients: Introduction to Archaeoastronomy, Andrea Orlando, Archaeoastronomist, IAS – Department of Sicilian Archaeoastronomy, Hotel Les Sables Noir & Spa – Terrace. 23:00 Walk, Skygazing from the hot water beach Andrea Orlando, Archaeoastronomer, IAS – Institute of Sicilian Archaeoastronomy, Hot water beach.

Monday, June 13th 8 am Walk, Exploration on the slopes of the volcano, Kiosk Bella Vista. 12:00 Performance, I thought it was love. Act III, Fabrizio Vatieri, artist, Hotel Les Sables Noir & Spa – swimming pool.

Tickets can be purchased online at Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/biglettifestival.

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