Vito Cozzoli: “Sports law for all citizens and especially children”

Number one in sports and health has inaugurated two gyms in Naples.


Double inauguration. We feel the children’s joy, the teachers ‘enthusiasm and the school leaders’ satisfaction. And the look is beautiful, both at the extensive Vincenzo Cuoco Institute and at Russo Montale, not only for how the young students are prepared for the areas that are the subject of intervention.
Before and after are clear, complete with photographic feedback to confirm the change of pace. “The school takes place with content and in suitable spaces. Sport e Salute has decided to start from Naples with appropriate content and structures, with a light and unconventional system “, explains Vito Cozzoli, President and CEO of Sport e Salute. “In the fifth most sedentary country in Europe, a few steps have been taken and we want to work with all sports organizations and, above all, quiet space available for children,” Cozzoli continues with conviction. Parthenope’s choice is not random.

“We wanted to leave Naples, and with the mayor Gaetano Manfredi, the deputy mayor Mia Filippone, the councilor Emanuela Ferrante there is a wonderful collaboration. We went to Ponticelli at the end of March for a project dedicated to social inclusion”, he remembers and thanks present tutors and teachers. A relay in the heart of the city. And to the little students, Cozzoli encouraged them to do so. “Get the most out of the gyms, for sport is health, life, togetherness, solidarity and inclusion”. A meaningful morning
which intends to set its tracks and start a long-term path in the shadow of Vesuvius with the pilot project.

“It is a beautiful celebration of sports and a social dimension. Sport, together with family and school, is the third education agency. Sport is an instrument of moral, social and civil growth. Long live the school, long live the children and long live Naples “. Large numbers. Spaces were rebuilt and returned to childhood.” Sport e Salute has made it possible to practice sports at school this year. In Campania alone, 220,000 children and 11 “Thousands of classes play sports thanks to Sport and Health. An extraordinary investment involving 1.5 million children, 76,000 classes, 60% of the school population throughout Italy. No one has ever done so in the country’s history,” says Cozzoli. a priority goal to provide children with physical education, a means for them to grow in our culture. From next year, thanks to the Draghi government, Minister Patrizio Bianchi and Vice-Secretary Valentina Vezzali, there will be fifth-grade basic education, and sport and health will play its role with the institutions.
Area of ​​action. “For Sport and Health, school is a priority. In complicated neighborhoods, sports are a point of reference for families. We would invest in facilities, because without them it is difficult to play sports and utilize even untraditional spaces in schools. Not only the resources are needed, but also the ideas, ”Cozzoli repeats. “We wanted to invent a space that could be made available in winter and summer. Promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle is the mission of sport and health in areas where sport
it becomes a factor of social cohesion and solidarity. We are delighted to have done so in Naples: it is a pilot project that will arrive all over Italy. And we will support the right to sport and promote sport for all and for all. This is the social soul of sport and health, so sport is a right for all citizens and in particular for children ”, concludes Cozzoli (in the photos by Gianluca Madonna).
Promote and organize sports. And the message starts from Naples. “Great opportunity for the Neapolitan school. The cultural path is parallel to that of sport. Today’s is an initiative to be implemented after two years of dramatic separation. I’m happy to see the space equipped with all the security measures and I’m sure this space will be made available to the territory, ”claims Deputy Mayor Filippone. “This event is a piece in which the city of Naples is able to respond to the Istat survey on the quality of life of our children. The municipality is close to schools and the activities of the Ministry of Education.” The project is a sign of comfort and pride, in a city that creates and takes care of everyone and children in particular “.
Angela Longo, head teacher at Vincenzo Cuoco comprehensive school, is thrilled. “It’s a dream for the whole neighborhood. Having adequate and safe spaces with teachers inspires confidence. “At the same wavelength Fabiana Alfieri, leader of Russo Montale and teacher of physical education.” The project is the result of a convergence of intentions, with a greater awareness of what the school can provide to the territory “. Funds intercepted where the lack of sports facilities is evident: the two presidents of the second and third municipalities, Roberto Marino and Fabio Greco, appreciate.” No one wins alone. Continue to demand a beautiful school of the institutions. Sport is a training ground for life “, states Fabrizio Perrella, Deputy Director of the Regional School Office. “Sports educates, shapes thinking, is useful in social relationships. Then we are happy if the champions come”, concludes Hall of Fame Sandro Cuomo, Legend of Sport and Health, a great champion who has decided to make himself available for the basic sport and set aside medals and trophies.

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