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from Chiara Sandrucci

Neutral bathrooms, “alias careers” and circular letters in inclusive language: there are five high schools in the city where students have requested and obtained measures in this direction

School ended yesterday and we are already thinking about next year. Among the issues raised in recent months, a new theme is emerging: the idea of ​​a “gender-fluid” school that includes “career aliases”, neutral and circular bathrooms in inclusive (or rather “extended”) languages . There are already five colleges that have entered this road in Turin, colleges, where students have requested and obtained measures in this direction by voting in the Department Council. The road is open.

It was the end of February then the classic Alfieri inaugurated the first neutral bathroomwith Gioberti from next year, they will be 4 out of 6. They can be used by anyone: men, women, people in gender reassignment, or “non-binary” people who do not recognize themselves in any of them.

The classical and musical Cavour was the first to adopt the “career alias” a year ago, Regina Margherita at the end of March and Convitto Umberto Last month: in these schools the desired name and genus are heard officially recognized, different from that registered in the register. Anna has the right to be called Andrea, without constantly having to “get out”. In the classroom, on the electronic register, in the school documents. A question of gender identity and not of sexual orientation.

“It requires a lot of discretion, it is a delicate age group, and it is a path to be shared with families – notes Francesca Di Liberti, Principal of Regina Margherita – we are currently introducing the administrative procedure to meet the needs of some students. , without promoting the initiative too much and after thinking about it for a long time ‘. To those who doubted in this regard, he replied that “it is a matter of acceptance“.

The neutral bathrooms, on the other hand, on Regina are not there yet, while they are multiplied on Gioberti. “We conducted a survey among our 1,300 students, out of 600 responses we had 60% for – reports principal Miriam Pescatore -. However, we have decided to leave two “traditional” ones, one reserved for men and the other for women ». It will not be necessary to perform any work, a label will suffice. A formality as the students are actually already exchanging them.

The introduction of alias careers and neutral bathrooms helps to make training sites inclusive, precisely at an age where we are constantly discovering our body and our identity – says Penelope, activist for the LaSt movement -. Therefore, we think it is incredibly important for those whose gender identity does not coincide with biological gender to have the opportunity to feel part of the school community. ”

The aim is to ensure that all schools adopt similar measures, even if the neutral bathroom in Alfieri had provoked a reaction from the Student Action’s identity court, which the following night had put up a large poster at one of the high school entrances with the inscription “Man and woman, points. ” Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. “For us, it’s the opposite: it’s a way to guarantee everyone’s well – being without taking anything from anyone,” said Gianni Roggero, president of Agedo Torino, the association of parents of LGBT + people who remember even serious selves. harm, which presses those who do not feel accepted, and the episodes of homotransphobic bullying. There are those who are still forced to change schools.

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