Treviso, money and gifts for public housing: six municipal employees in trouble

They promised money and gifts to a small clique of municipal officials and staff to hand over to their protégésmainly Roma, the social housing administered by the municipality of Treviso.

The offenses

The investigation, which began a few months ago, risks becoming a real earthquake of carabinieri from the Investigation Unit of the Provincial Command of Trevisoled by Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Mura and coordinated by Prosecutor Gabriella Cama. The crimes for which 30 people are being investigated are corruption and abuse of office. According to the prosecutor, six municipal employees stood at the top of the organization, including officials, secretaries and secretaries of the home service and the municipality’s one-stop building. Then there were at least four people, almost all with precedents, who acted as intermediaries on behalf of some Roma families and friends who have been given accommodation (where they currently live), often with a logic that did not have much to do with the official ranking. It is for this reason that carabinieri yesterday seized a huge amount of paper and digital material (including the suspects’ computers and mobile phones) from the municipal offices, from the homes of the suspects, but also from the headquarters of a private real estate agent (if owner is not among the suspects) who was in charge of housing administration.

Home to friends

Based on the analysis of all this material, among which there are obviously the locations and the various housing assignment practices, investigators are convinced to reconstruct the image of what appears to be a real organization. The houses completed for friends are those of Borgo Capriolo, via Bindoni, via Bianchini, via Mantovani Orsetti, Borgo Mestre, viale Nazioni Unite and others. Among those involved are historical exponents of the Roma clans in Treviso, including Gigante Levacovic (defined as a leading figure in the investigation), but also many members of the H-familyudorovic, resident of Paese, and even wife of Ronnie Levacovicthe 25-year-old who in March caused Terraglio’s tragedy in which Mara Visentin and Miriam Cappelletto lost their lives.

Low profile

Underlying the agreement between the municipal employees and the Roma mediators was also the promise that the illegal tenants would keep a low profile and not create problems for public order. The pact was allegedly violated in February last year when the wife and daughter of a resident of Via Bianchini were attacked by a Roma woman. The episode sparked investigations into the case by Ca ‘Sugana, both about who occupied the homes and, from a tax point of view, about the owners’ funds, some race cars worth tens of thousands of euros. The municipal administration guarantees the maximum cooperation with the investigating authorities without prejudice to the confidence of the officials’ work and employees of Treviso municipality – Mayor Mario Conte intervened -. We hope that the investigations will soon clarify the matter, which we do not know the details of and which do not see any administrator involved. We need to get to the bottom of this matter to clarify the responsibility added President Luca Zaia. Maximum cooperation with the judiciary and the competent authorities – concluded Mauro Dal Zilio, President of Ater Treviso – we will make everything necessary to shed light on the matter, hoping for a solution soon. We have the greatest trust in our employees and at the same time maximum respect and cooperation with the judiciary.

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June 9, 2022 (change June 9, 2022 | 10:28)


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