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Lodovico Piras, 40, is a construction contractor. Diploma in accounting, for a decade he has been involved in municipal politics as a councilor and deputy mayor. He has always had a great passion for horses.

Let’s get to know him better.

Let’s start with his choice to take the field and apply. What do you think you can offer your community if you are elected mayor?

In fact, the election starts in 2012, where I ran as an adviser candidate, which confirmed my choice in 2017. The decision was dictated by the passion I have for politics, especially at the municipal level, and of course the desire to dedicate part of Girasole of my time as an administrator. Making your mark, of course, in your own country is the best answer for those who trust and support you. I believe that peace in the community is the basis for building something big and important.

If you win the election, what will be the top priority on your political agenda?

Having gained ten years of administrative experience, I believe that the priorities are linked to the completion of important works that we are undertaking, such as the roundabout at the entrance to the city towards Tortoli and the other part of the cycle path towards the sea. I also consider the cleanliness and decor of the country to be very important.

What is Girasole’s Call? What will your administrative action consist of in developing this strategic sector? Do you have any plans?

Girasole has a tourist calling and will also be the way to pursue it in the future. In this regard, the administrative action is aimed at improving the pine forest that our country has in concession from state property, which includes a municipal structure. There is also a path along the bank of the pond, which starts from the town and ends close to the square
of the camper service, also of Girasole Municipality, which is located a few meters from the beach. However, the new projects aim to strengthen the entire area, on about 10 hectares that fall within the sea area, with associated artificial lakes dedicated to sport fishing.

The data on emigration from Sardinia is dramatic. Although Ogliastra and Girasole are not immune to this problem, what policy does it intend to adopt to try to put an end to this flight – especially for young people -?

I agree with the dramatic data on emigration, even more dramatic are the data on the departure of our young people, who do not feel protected or rightly encouraged to stay in their own countries. The problem, if we think about it, lies in the young person who travels to gain an experience abroad, but in the absence of opportunities for him to return and put the experience gained into practice. I think this is a generalized problem and not easy to solve by an administrator. Unfortunately, it has become very complicated to open a VAT number in Italy, so I wonder if you can keep a young person who wants to start a business, create jobs when you immediately have to collide with biblical times with bureaucracy and taxation on the border of possible . Until these issues are resolved, young people will have no incentive to stay or return.

Territorial planning: what interventions will you take to improve the territory? Can you tell us about the urban works and works that you propose to perform with your list?

An important project for Girasole, but not only, is the completion of the Tortolì-Santa Maria Navarrese cycle path, carried out with the Unione dei Comuni. A very important work for territorial development. From the internal point of view we will intervene: in the roundabout at the entrance to the city we will at the completion of the bike path towards the sea complete the historic center, we will rebuild the municipal amphitheater and improve the sports facilities. From a city planning point of view, the approval of the municipal puc, which was completed a few months ago, lays the foundation for continued growth for Girasole.

We know the issues that Ogliastra Healthcare is going through. Your thoughts on this? What do you propose at the municipal level for health services?

Unfortunately, we have all experienced the critical health-related issues ourselves. Even today there is talk of new hospitals, a discrepancy as it would be enough to strengthen the existing ones, and only later to create others. An area like Ogliastra cannot be left uncovered, leaving Lanusei Hospital in disrepair. This is clearly a struggle for everyone, regardless of political color.

His view on the international crisis caused by the conflict in Ukraine, with the relative rise in commodity prices and the consequences for the tourism sector.

I think war is always wrong, for some it seems to be a solution, despite the fact that it brings death and destruction. I believe that every country has full autonomy to defend its sovereignty and independence. In this case, I think it’s an assailant and an assaulted man. That said, in the construction sector on a daily basis, I am confronted with the continuing rise in prices, which is leading to general uncertainty and investment blocking. It is clear that the tourism sector will also suffer the consequences.

The importance of associations. How will the relationship be between the municipality and these territorial realities? What administrative actions will you take to encourage and relaunch sports? About the needs of young people?

Associations are the backbone of good administration and the country’s growth. Traveling in harmony, Administration, Pro loco, Polisportiva and various committees is the way to follow and so important results are achieved together. Sport in general has always been the best way to educate our young people, create them as human beings and with respect for others.

We end with one last question. Will the election campaign be against the quorum, will its citizens support his political proposals?

It is true that the election campaign is against quorum, but nonetheless a formidable opponent given the skepticism of the people towards a policy that is not always able to provide answers to its citizens. Although there is a noticeable difference between one
as common as ours compared to the regional and national ones. At Girasole, I believe that citizens will embrace our simple project, but full of good will and good intentions.


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