The Easy Disc Cleaning Machine: Push, the instructions and the test

Push Record cleaning machine and plate cleaning machine produced by the British Push, very easy to use and with a really small footprint compared to counterparts of the same series on the market. It allows you to wash your vinyl collection and in particular give new life to those damaged by sedimented dust, mold and grime that are difficult to remove with normal carbon fiber brushes.

Pushing record Cleaning Machine is completely manual and employs one washing system in the tank, using a liquid that can be diluted in distilled water. To tell you its features carefully, we have tested it thoroughly, with some listening tests before and after washing, through one of our video tutorials.

Wash your vinyl records with Spincare Record Cleaning Machine: the video guide with listening tests

Push Record Cleaning Machine, the right choice to restore your record collection

For those who regularly buy used vinyls, a plate cleaner is an important investment. Many vinyls, which are considered lost and seemingly disobedient, are only partially compromised, especially if the cause of the poor listening can not be attributed to the presence of scratches and physical damage to the support, but to sedimentation of mold, limestone from moisture, dirt. in the grooves. A disc in this state can have the same effect as a heavily scratched media, even if there is no physical damage. Her pga with a plate cleaning machine it is possible to save some of our purchases in the second-hand marketrestore the beloved support in top condition.

Spincare Record Cleaning Machine is a very simple disk cleaning system. Completely mechanical and manual, uses a light alcohol-based cleaner which does not damage the vinyl and which must be diluted for approx. 70 cl plain distilled water. A different solution compared to plate cleaning machines that offer ready-mixed liquids and which allow you to save a lot in terms of cost.

The bottles that come with Spincare are actually 2 to 150 ml each, and to wash 50 slices, it is sufficient to mix four lids (25 ml in total) with 70 cl of distilled water. This means that the available 300 ml allows you to wash about 500 slices.

Furthermore, the liquid leaves no residue in the microfurn after washing.

Push Record Cleaning Machine, the complete set

The spincare washer fluid is the cheapest on the market and the one with the highest yield

When you run out of liquid, two bottles cost less than 10 euros, while a five-liter bottle of distilled water, which can be bought independently, costs around 1.36 euros. A really affordable price compared to the very high price of the liquids that come with other record cleaning machines in the same series, sold for around 40 euros.

Slide the disc cleaner. 2 bottles of 150ml

All the features of the Spincare Record Cleaning Machine

  • Economical and easy to use, can be purchased at the Italian store at Spincare on Amazon. This allows you to get the product in a very short time and based on your primary subscription, at no extra shipping cost. You will find it on this page.
  • The waste of diluent detergent to clean discs is significantly less than on other disc cleaners. The price of the new liquid, which is crucial when you finish the one that comes with the complete set, is less than ten euros
  • The plastic that makes it up is much more solid compared to competitors
  • Ergonomic, it has a smaller footprint compared to other plate cleaners
  • Spare parts are very cheap (velvet wheels and brushes) and maintenance accessories
  • The disc traction system it is a little more tiring than other machines of the same kind, but once you have mastered it, it is very simple and above all makes it so that you can not wet the disk label without the need for inconvenient extra protections
  • Once cleaned, the disk becomes completely antistatic
  • For a complete preservation of the discs, we recommend the use of inner sleeves produced by Spincare (not included in the plate cleaner set, but sold separately) antistatic and perfect for keeping the disc protected from dust. In our video tutorial, we analyzed the 50-piece Audiophile Inner Sleeves and the 50-piece Dynamic Inner Sleeves, which compared to the previous ones have a shape that adapts perfectly to the disc, with a smaller footprint than the previous ones.
  • The accessories included in the package are: to) two microfiber clothsone large and one small to be used after the disc is completely dry b) two wheels to allow disc rotation and freely positionable for size 7,10,12 inches c) two brushes in velvet located in the middle of the main tank and which allows the removal of dirt during washing d) two bottles of diluent in distilled water, to clean slices of 150 ml each e) an instruction booklet in English f) a card to get a discount 15 percent on the next purchase made in the amazon store at Spincare g) three scratch-resistant rubber pads spare parts for stand arms h) the main idea protected by a removable lid that) a stand to dry dishes after washing. Contains up to ten vinyls.

NB all removable accessories included (wheels, velvet brushes, fluid bottles) are also sold separately for any replacements due to wear or fatigue. Their cost is very cheap

Audiophile inner sleeves, 50 pcs. It is best suited for protecting disks from dust and preserving their antistatic properties

Pushing, practical advice to make the best use of the plate cleaner

  • A mixture of 4 lids of cleaning fluid with about 70 cl of plain distilled water it allows you to wash about 50 slices. If you are not able to wash 50 at once, the manufacturer does not recommend storing the liquid for more than 48 hours, this means that to save money, it is better to use the machine when you have many washers to wash. The manufacturer recommends throwing the liquid away so that bacteria do not multiply, making the liquid less effective over time.
  • Spincare Record Cleaning Machine does not use filtration systemsthe washing must therefore be performed in a series of sessions during the day.
  • Spincare recommends washing the dial three full turns clockwise and three more turns counterclockwise. To optimize washing, we performed our test with five rounds per. direction, therefore a total of 10 turns for each disc to be washed.
  • Once the liquid has been used and then discarded, it is advisable to wash the plate cleaner and rinse it
  • It is better to remove the brushes from the plate cleanerthem in velvet placed in the middle of the tub, after each use, to avoid being pressed all the time and the velvet is quickly damaged
  • The microfiber cloth should be used at the end of the drying processto remove any atmospheric dust deposited on the disc during the actual drying phase of the rack.

Spincare, the official website for the record cleaning machine and accessories for complete cleaning of your collection

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