The best electric cars without a driving license B

The electric car sector is not exclusively characterized by the increasingly popular Tesla, with the bestseller Model 3and Fiat, with the very Italian 500 electricbut there are also available for users electric cars “without driving license”. This category of products includes all the zero-emission cars that can drive on public roads even without a driving license B, or the driving license that allows adults to be allowed to drive.

These vehicles, named light quadricycles or heavy quadricycles, requires in any case obtaining a driving license. For some models, defined as light quadricycles (maximum speed of 45 km / h and displacement not exceeding 50 cm3), license IS which can be achieved with a minimum age of 14 years. With this driving license it is also possible to ride a moped and tricycle with the same restrictions as above for maximum speed and travel.

Then there are the electric cars that fall into the category of heavy quadricycles (in this there is a limit of 15 kW for the approved power). These vehicles can be driven with the achievement of driving license B1 (which includes the AM license). The driving license in question can be obtained with a minimum age of 16 years and provides access to various vehicles that AM driving license titles cannot drive. With the B driving license, you are of course authorized to drive all vehicles available with the AM and B1 driving licenses, as well as all other cars, some trucks and motorhomes, agricultural and operating machinery and various types of trailers.

Having completed this premise, let us highlight what they are the best electric cars without a driver’s license which we can also define as best electric cars for minors (with at least 14 or 16 years, depending on the license required). This category includes several vehicles, some of which are very interesting and can represent an excellent option for city driving, even for adults who want to drive a zero-emission vehicle without having to buy an electric car.

Here are the best electric cars or microcars that can drive on the street even without a B driving license and therefore also by minors:

The best electric cars to drive without a driver’s license B

The list of the best zero-emission vehicles to drive without a B license includes models available to those with the AM license or those with the B1 license (which includes AM). Of course, these electric microcars are also suitable for urban mobility for driving license B looking for a new vehicle to handle urban traffic. Here are the best options to consider:

Citroën Ami

One of the most interesting zero-emission vehicles among the many options currently available on the market for this product category is Citroën Ami. It is a fully electric zero-emission vehicle that falls into the category of the best electric cars for minors and for driving without a driver’s license. To get behind the wheel of the Citroen Ami, in fact driving license AM, available as early as 14 years old. The Citroen microcar is designed for city trips with short distances that must be completed in a short time and with zero emissions.

Ami is 2.4 meters long and 1.39 meters wide and can therefore navigate in city traffic without problems. In addition, it will be very easy to find parking. The configuration is two-person. The turning circle is about 7 meters, the wheels are 14 inches and the total weight is 490 kilos, including battery. From a technical point of view, the microcar is powered by a 6 kW electric motor and has the ability to push itself up to 45 km / h as maximum speed. Thanks to the integrated battery, the Citroen Ami can count on a range of 75 kilometers with full charge thanks to a 5.5 kWh battery. Charging takes 3 hours with a standard 220V socket.

Available to users, there are four versions of the Ami, in addition to a Cargo model, with equipment that is more than adequate for the vehicle category, although for a more complete and customized version it would be preferable to focus on the richer set -UPS. The selection of Citroen Ami starts at about 7 thousand euros. Among possible purchase incentives and special offers (there is a possibility of leasing from 19.99 euros per month), there is certainly no shortage of opportunities to get behind the wheel of an Ami.

That Opel Rocks which involves the technical sector and a large part of the design. The car is available in Germany and will arrive in Italy during 2022.

Renault Twizy

With over 10 years of career on its shoulders and a number of updates recorded over the years, it has Renault Twizy still represents a reference for zero-emission electrical mobility in the urban environment. The Renault Twizy is currently available in two versions, one with an electric motor that pushes the car up to 45 km / h and one with an electric motor capable of guaranteeing a maximum speed of 80 km / h. Both versions fall differently in the list of the best electric cars to drive without a driver’s license, even for minors.

There Twizy 45 it is actually available to those who have license IS and therefore it can be driven by those who are at least 14 years old and have obtained this driving license. The edition Twizy 80on the other hand, it is available with license B1 and is therefore available to those who are at least 16 years old. The car, in both variants, has a two-seater configuration, but the passenger does not sit next to the driver, but behind. In this way, the Renault Twizy can count on decidedly different shapes compared to other quad bikes like the Citroen Ami, resulting in narrower and more agile as well as aesthetically more dynamic, thanks to its elongated shape.

The 45 has a 4 kW motor and reaches 45 km / h as previously mentioned (it takes 9.9 seconds to reach the top speed from a standstill). For the 80 version, however, the power increases to 13 kW with the maximum speed of 80 km / h. The sprint 0-45 km / h is completed in 6.1 seconds. L ‘autonomy is respectively of 120 kilometers for the 45 and 100 kilometers for the 80. The wheels are 13 inches, the gearbox is automatic and the total mass, the battery taken into account, is less than 500 kilos for both versions. The total length is 2.33 meters with a width, including wheels, of 1.23 meters.

Renault Twizy can be configured with two different equipment levels. Deducting incentives and special offers, Renault’s electric quadricycle is available a starting price list of 12 thousand euros for the 45 version and 13 thousand euros for the 80 version.

Tazzari Zero

Among the best electric cars to drive without a driver’s license we find Tazzari Zero, a helital Italian project developed by Tazzari Group. For several years, Tazzari’s electric vehicle in its various developments has been a leading option in the world of zero-emission mobility. Tazzari Zero is available in different versions. There are e.g. Nul Junior which can count on a 6 kW motor and a maximum speed of 45 km / h.

The car has a range of 141 kilometers in the version with 9 kWh battery but is also configured with a smaller 5 kWh battery, which guarantees a range of 94 kilometers. It is a light quadricycle and can therefore only be ridden with one license IS. The length is equal to 2.79 with a width of 1.5 meters.

Also noteworthy is the opportunity to bet on Zero byavailable from 16 years with license B1. This car has similar dimensions to the previous one (length of 2.79 meters and width of 1.5 meters), but can count on a 15 kW engine that is capable of bringing the maximum speed up to 90 km / t. The autonomy reaches up to 150 kilometers with the 14 kWh battery, but the “standard” version with 8 kWh battery can still count on 94 kilometers of autonomy.

The Tazzari Zero models can be widely adapted, but already basically they can count on a very rich equipment considering the vehicle type. The Zero Junior version starts from 15,890 euros. By consulting the official website, it will be possible to check the type of vehicle that best suits your needs and customize it to verify the actual costs to be borne for the purchase.


There XEV YoYo is another model to keep an eye on for those looking for an electric car to drive without a driving license B. In this case, the quadricycle can actually be driven with driving license B1. The technical specifications are of sure interest with one 7.5 kW motor and one 10.3 kWh battery. The maximum speed exceeds 80 km / h while the autonomy can reach up to 150 kilometers. The car has a special system that allows you to replace the batteries in a simplified way.

Generic February

Dimensions include a length of 2.53 meters and a width of 1.5 meters. Aesthetically, however, the XEV YoYo is somewhat reminiscent of the Renault Twizy, though the configuration of the seats (the passenger is next to the driver) makes one think more of a Smart ForTwo. List price, less incentives and offers, starts at 14,900 euros with some customization margins to enrich the already excellent equipment that is among the most technologies in the category, especially in terms of infotainment.

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