The alphabet of the future returns to Trieste: from culture to tourism, here is the journey through the ideas for a new recovery

TRIESTE From the culture that knows how to do business, to the economy that goes back to agriculture, from mobility that looks to sustainable food that combines traditions and new frontiers. A range of themes developed through voices, faces, experiences on a path of ideas that are useful for building development in the name of innovation. Because the latter is an essential concept in a society where knowing how to innovate can mean knowing how to grow. And it’s an innovation that needs to be read in order to get the most out of it and master the change.

This is the scenario in which the fourth edition of “The Alphabet of the Future” fits in, the project promoted by La Stampa in Turin and by the six newspapers of the Gnn – Gedi News Network group, which aims to bring potential and energy to the areas of events , involving organizations, institutions, entrepreneurship, urban community.

It is a journey in seven stages, as many as the cities where La Stampa and six of the GNN newspapers are located – from Genoa with XIX century to Mantua with its Gazzetta, from Il Piccolo to Messaggero Veneto, from La Provincia Pavese to Morning of Padua – stages in each of which, from this month to October, a theme related to the specificity of the territory will be developed.

If innovation continues to be the key word, this time the emphasis will be on a possible new future to be built after the health contingency. Because the two years of the pandemic have changed the perception of the society we are building day by day, it has accelerated changes that were sometimes already underway: from the daily rhythms to the rediscovery of proximity goals, up to working hours that in increasing degree is intertwined with private in a search for new balances.

After the departure scheduled for June 16 in Mantua, where the combination of culture and business will be made status, the “Alphabet of the Future” arrives at its second stop in Trieste, on June 23 in Molo IV’s room in Porto Vecchio.

After the three editions dedicated to science, health and mobility, the title of the Trieste event this time is “Tourism, an operation collected”. A theme that has many aspects to develop, in a city where visitors have already returned in a massive way for some time, while accommodation capacity is expanding, and cruise ships now dominate the river almost every day.

The relaunch continues, following the outbreak of the pandemic, which had interrupted a growth, where in the period May-September 2019 in Trieste Promoturismo Fvg had registered an attendance of + 7.9% compared to the previous year.

The “recovery”, therefore, even with the precautions provided by the international scenario. A rescue that the city is being urged to make. How does he do it? How could he do that? What are the keys to further developing the sector? Which – from cultural heritage to food and wine to nature – are the cards that Trieste and Venezia Giulia can best play? They will talk about it on June 23 with a number of guests, Massimo Giannini, Director of La Stampa, Luca Ubaldeschi, Director of Il Secolo XIX, Omar Monestier and Roberta Giani, director and co-director of Il Piccolo.

There will be room to elaborate on the situation and prospects for cruising with MSC CEO Leonardo Massa and with Francesco Mariani, CEO of Trieste Passenger Terminal. The tourism sector will be reviewed with Regional Councilor Sergio Emidio Bini and Francesca Nieddu, Regional Director of Veneto est and Fvg of Intesa Sanpaolo will take the stage.

Then here are testimonials from a number of main characters for just as many declensions of the tourism theme. Enrico Degrassi will talk about Ikon, a digital farm in Staranzano that uses virtual and augmented reality also for the area’s tourist offer. Room for slow and green tourism with Dimitri Cacovich, a beekeeper from Longera, who after buying the first hives at the age of 15 now produces honey and other typical products. And here is the Audace Sailing Team, a group of Naval Engineering students led by Professor Rodolfo Taccani, head of the Eco Sailing Laboratory at the University of Trieste, where the boats of the future are designed, made from innovative materials and resins. Also on stage Diego Panzeri, OGS researcher and winner of FameLab 2022, the talent show for scientific communication, which will present a game dedicated to marine biodiversity and in the process of becoming an app.

Voices and faces to provide ideas, experiences, debate during the Trieste event, which will be followed by those in Genoa, Udine, Padua and Pavia. To finally arrive in Turin, where in October the amounts for this Alphabet 2022 will be deducted.

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