Tenants against Inpgi: “He sells houses for rent”

The Association of Tenants Housing Inpgi accuses: “Why does the body sell houses for rent and not empty?”. There hard note it came from Siai president Maria Rosaria Gianni, who condemned: “The institution prefers to sell the properties rented to journalists to outsiders instead of empty ones. Guaranteed the annuity to those who buy on the minus side?”. Harsh accusations, which therefore risk throwing new fuel on the fire of the dispute over the transfer between Inpgi and Inps: “But the journalists’ body certainly does not strike the last blows in favor of the category it represents,” says Gianni.

According to which: “The Inpgi implements through the Investire company that manages the real estate assets, very special sales strategies that are detrimental to the rights and interests of the real subjects, who should instead benefit from the institution’s residence, namely journalists. The tenants of Inpgi -the properties are kept daily in the grip of the institution’s bureaucracy and the Real Estate Fund’s management company, distant and deaf to the tenants’ legitimate requests “. And again: “Just think of the square footage prices required for properties that are well above local market prices”.

But that’s not all, for the Tenants’ Association the situation is even worse: “Moreover, the requests regarding the protection in connection with the exercise of the right of first refusal, for the purchase of the property led or inhabited, in the middle of pre-contract negotiations, are always more often ignored if they are not hindered, despite the fact that the unit has already on several occasions been ordered to provide the documentation regarding the properties included in the asset disposal program “.

The last case would concern the journalist from Tg1 Mazzola: “Last in chronological order, but macroscopically in reality, the one to whom my colleague Maria Grazia Mazzola, a top correspondent for Tg1, has been exposed, a well-known and highly esteemed author of studies of organized crime and international terrorism – says Gianni – well, just as she was doing the last special on the anniversary of Giovanni Falcone’s murder and the Capaci massacre, her colleague Mazzola found herself with the house where she has lived for about 30 years, sold without “Nevertheless, her colleague Mazzola had exercised her right of first refusal and had requested an extension pending review of the relevant documents required by law, as well as wishing to know the alternative terms of any new lease”.

And therefore: “Colleague Mazzola has not received any reply, except three months later in mid-May a registered letter from Inpgi informing her of the sale of her house on 9 May. So our Emeritus Social Security Authority not only responds to requests from one of its members, but even sells the house to someone who has nothing to do with Inpgi. The new owner is in fact also living abroad for work reasons, which did not prevent him from immediately writing to his colleague Mazzola and asking her to pay the rent and refer to his resident and known parents to Rome (sic!) “.

Maria Rosaria Gianni, president of the Inpgi tenants’ association, announces a strong reaction: “Siai will ask for an immediate copy of the sales contract to understand what the price of the third party has been, and whether the same has benefited from a discount since the apartment is inhabited of a tenant (Mazzola indeed) A frightening climate that also affects colleagues of clear fame, now retired and even of a certain age who would never have imagined having to lose the house where they lived.a life, home where others , not journalists, but often celebrities, or friends of friends, must carry out favorable speculations’.

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