smoke bombs and dives in the fountains, the (rediscovered) parties and rituals for students –

from Giovanna Maria Fagnani

Students’ dawn at Monte Stella, the night choir in Parini. In 24 thousand against Maturite. The letter from the principal: In the last two years you have experienced a step in more knowledge about yourself and about reality

The party night that ends with watching the sunrise from the top of Monte Stella. And then everyone in the class. Because on the last day of school, it is forbidden to exchange (now called jumping, cutting, straddling). the day with choruses and jokes, tears (to say goodbye to the favorite companion or even to the prof of the heart, as in September there will be 1,500 retirements in the Milanese). And gods rites of passage, old and new.

At Parini, they graduated for the first time they made a collective run through the corridors, where the final destination was the farm where the caps on bottles of sparkling wine flew up in the air along with the foam. They had never done it before us, says one of them. But this was not the only celebration for them: Two days ago, at sunset, they found themselves in the courtyard singing Night before exams, with mobile phone torches waving in the air like a lighter, as in Vasco’s concerts. To his graduates Principal Massimo Nunzio Barrella wrote a letter. For many of you in recent years, it will seem that you have lost something … But now I want to show you the conviction that the unusual and turbulent events that we have experienced so far were real life and holds a meaning that everything must be discovered, for now it may escape us, or we may not perceive it clearly. It means that no one wasted time, but he lived what he had to live for an extra step of knowledge about himself and about realityt. You have an infinite value and I want you to discover it more and more in the coming days. I have experienced this and I feel I can communicate this to you with enthusiasm, writes the leader and also quotes Montale and Calvino and reminds them that it is not a voice to measure your person, just as the judgment of others can not undermine your irreducable dignity.

To Volta GymnasiumTuesday, was held the traditional gathering in front of the school, a kind of transition between first-time students and maturandi. And as usual, someone jumped into the fountain. Yesterday, however, the traditional football tournament. With so many women’s teams for the first time. And the gift of a plant to the school from the graduates. a way to make your mark – says Sveva Pontiroli – And we are happy because the school council these days approved the career alias with all votes for and only two who abstained. a road we have been working on for two years. New students will find a more modern and spacious school.

Instead, a stream of students invaded Monte Stella Tuesday night, for the party promoted by Liceo Manzoni and from Manzoni (linguistic), which has attracted hundreds of children from many other schools. That Manza summer party with music and beer ended yesterday morning with the participants watching the sunrise from the mound. Then we went to breakfast and we went apart to reach their own school, says one participant. At Boccioni High School, on the other hand, two girls went through all the classes to invite their classmates to a joint photo in the yard. Which ended with throw powder colorsfor an unpublished portrait.
Lessons completed, now we think of maturity. Yesterday, the Ministry of Education published data on the affected school population: There are 76,687 students in Lombardy, 74,144 internal candidates and 2,543 external candidates. There are 67,110 graduates from public schools from 7,034 parities. In Milan and its province, there are 24,690 candidates. Finally, 30,692 young people in the Milanese area will struggle with exams in the eighth grade: 3,471 will meet them in gender equality.

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