Sharks at Design Week with “Connect to Extraordinary”

As habits and lifestyles have evolved, the home needs to change and adapt to the new needs of those who live there. From this technological development concept that puts people back at the center comes the connected home ecosystem that Haier, the world’s leading premium brand in large appliances *, will stage from 6 to 12 June in a Looking Ahead thematic setting. for Super Design Show 2022 at Superstudio Più in Milan.

Sharks – Connect to Extraordinary

It is the event where technology meets design for an engaging and unique experience. The smart home is evolving and becoming an ecosystem of the latest generation of technology with a refined design and able to learn and offer innovative solutions. We go beyond the concept Smart Home and enter a new dimension, where it is possible to adapt the use of devices connected to each other and with what surrounds them to a unique experience. Within this ecosystem, Haier integrates a range of services and partner companies to improve the performance and usability of the device to which the keyword is connected. As I said Athena has disappearedBrand Manager Haier & IoT

“We wanted to continue the path we started last year and transcend our boundaries further. Smart Home has evolved into a hyper-connected ecosystem where the first-class approach of Haier, the leader of this high-tech revolution, is the best solution for everyone. Artificial intelligence and algorithms are nothing without humans, and our philosophy is precisely to transform the Internet of Things into the Internet of Being ”.

In the Haier simulation, visitors are immersed in the world of the intelligent ecosystem through an interactive and immersive game with mirrors, lights and sounds. While guided by a narrative voice that tells the brand’s values ​​and the scenarios for using connected products, the ecosystem perceives their presence, follows their movements and adapts to offer a unique and always different experience.

Haier – Connect to Extraordinary is part of the “Home Switch Home” event, the large installation of Haier Europe at Fuorisalone 2022, which tells the story of the smart home that the group has devised for the three international brands Candy, Hoover and Haier.

Appen hOn

The hOn app acts as the core from which the whole ecosystem’s connectivity functions branch out, as well as an important part of the Haier path: the group’s digital platform, which allows not only integrated, intuitive and dynamic control of connected devices, but also the optimal and optimized use of their potential, the addition of exclusive features that enrich, facilitate and simplify the management of the home. The touch & feel installations of the products through hOn show different domestic scenarios, combined with luminous elements that reinforce the concept of “connection”, in the elegant representation of the ideal home. For example, on the monitors you can see dishes in the oven or the inventory of the refrigerator’s ingredients, and if something is missing for the selected recipe, the user interface activates the option to buy it online. The public, who interact with the responsive video surfaces, live a complete sensory experience, which in addition to involving touch and sight is also stimulated by a narrative voice and by the scents from the prepared dishes.

There is also room for wine lovers with the entire wine ecosystem on display, developed around the virtual cellar and thanks to collaborations with leading partners in the sector – Vivino, Tannico, Coravin, Comprvini, Sommelier Winebox and Cantine.Wine. Some bottles appear on the screen, which you can read and listen to the properties, the mating tips and buy them right away. The cellar will adjust to the right temperature based on the selected wine.

Sharks by Alessi

From the passion for design comes the partnership between Haier and Alessi, a leading company among the Italian design factories at an international level. Alessi was founded in 1921 and produces design objects that are capable of making everyday products excellent. The collaboration between the two brands, which was previewed at Milan Design Week 2022, aims to strengthen the concept of a design experience closely linked to innovation that is able to amaze and excite souls. Designer experience, technology and innovation are the key words that will accompany the two brands towards an increasingly connected and lasting union, and which will materialize in a dedicated line of products and accessories. Federico Ferretti, Head of the Milan Experience Design Center Haier Europe commented on the collaboration as follows:

“We are proud to partner with Alessi, one of the most representative companies in Made in Italy in terms of design experience and quality; a very important step for Haier. We are two realities that complement each other not only for shared values: innovation, technology and attention to detail, but above all for a humanistic approach to design that transforms the functions of each product into pleasant and memorable moments and for a research process. and pollution. able to identify and measure the dreams and needs of our consumers in an inclusive way in the creation of current and practical home experiences “.

Also Alberto AlessiPresident of Alessi, said he was excited about this new partnership:

“Alessi is an Italian design factory that has promoted the vision of design as a global creative discipline of an exquisite artistic and poetic matrix in its hundred years of existence, working with over three hundred international designers and creating small masterpieces present in art museums and applied arts. from all over the world.I hope that from this meeting with Haier, a new collection will be born in the near future, capable of combining the poetry and art that is characteristic of us, with the development of technology, expressed by our partner.

Sharks solutions on display

In the exhibition area, you can appreciate the technological innovation, the quality, the refined design and the tailor-made solutions that make up Haier’s soul.

CUBE 90 SERIES 9, the refrigerator with a superior design, which thanks to artificial intelligence and the touch screen becomes the center of the entire domestic ecosystem by connecting to any Haier appliance in the home: the best storage technologies are combined with the most innovative features. Thanks to the hOn app, the Cube 90 Series 9 learns from habits, independently adjusts the temperature according to the content, improves food savings and ensures maximum energy efficiency.

VINBANK 60 SERIES 7the wine cellar has a natural airflow system that maintains constant temperature and humidity while the carbon filter purifies the air, and the warm 3D light preserves the biological structure of the wine by controlling the wavelengths of the spectrum light.

I-PRO SERIES 5 the efficient, quiet washing machine and the certified energy class A ensure the best performance with maximum efficiency. Thanks to the hOn app, you can customize and save your favorite washing programs.

SUPERDRUM SERIES 9 is the washer and dryer with the largest drum diameter on the market, 601 mm, an impressive 10 kg washing capacity and 6 kg drying capacity. Its artificial intelligence calculates the exact amount of detergent and rinse aid needed for the wash cycle, and the various superior features adapt to any need. Thanks to the I-Refresh program, it cleans clothes without detergent and removes odors and bacteria.

WASHLENS PLUS SERIES 6 The dishwasher is equipped with cutting-edge technology, which is a resistant but extremely quiet motor, to reduce vibration and energy waste, as it is part of Class B.

CHEF @ HOME SERIES 6 is the oven that combines the latest Artificial Intelligence inside technologies to satisfy all your cooking needs and surpass them. With the exclusive Preci Taste technology, an integrated camera assisted by artificial intelligence detects the type of food being cooked, automatically sets the perfect cooking cycle, adjusts the settings during the process and sends a notification to the app when the dish is ready to serve.

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