Real Collegio Carlo Alberto reopens in Moncalieri

From June 10 to July 23, “Moncalieri. Every step, a discovery” introduces the rich history of this city on the outskirts of Turin. Here are the events in its symbolic places, starting with the unprecedented opening of its old expert school for the Piedmontese nobility.

The reopening to the public of Real Collegio Carlo Albertoclosed since 1998, will be the center of attention Moncalieri. Every step, a discoverytourism initiative launched by Moncalieri municipality along with many partners like Consortium of Savoy Royal Residences with the organization of Reverse agency, to make known the long and rich history of this city on the outskirts of Turin, as it was the seat of the university, a refuge for the Knights Templar and an ancient medieval stronghold that was used as a royal residence. The review includes 9 events, more than 50 artists, 20 days, from June 10 to July 23, in the symbolic places in the historic heart of the city, from the aforementioned Real Collegio Carlo Alberto to the Royal Palace, from Rose Garden immediately below the castle, on the piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. Let’s see them in detail …

– Claudia Giraud


View from the Meteorological Observatory of the Real Collegio

Since 1838 it has been the school of excellence of the Piedmontese nobility. From Friday 10 June, the Amici del Real Castello and the Parco di Moncalieri Association will open this baroque architectural jewel to the public for the first time – the building stands on the remains of an old 13th-century convent that was rebuilt in the 18th century – thanks to the collaboration with Barnabitterordenen and Moncalieri Municipality. The visits take place on Friday afternoon (16.00) and Saturday morning (10.30) and will involve the former theater, richly decorated by the painter Angelo Moja, a student of the “decorator of Regi Palazzi” Pelagio Palagi, 1930s chapel, the monumental staircase and the large galleries on the upper floors, where the naturalistic collections and scientific instruments take place, ending with the ascent to the suggestive study of Father Francesco Denza, in the tower of the Meteorological Observatory, from which the child bites carried out their studies, and that in a short time he managed to make it one of the most important at the national level. On July 8 and 9, the Real Collegio will be transformed into the Palace of Magic because it will host the event At the magic school: inside the old dormitories you will meet unusual characters, specimens of birds of prey such as the white Himalayan owl, owls or barn owls, and you will discover the space with magic wands and amazing animals.


Rose Garden

The schedule for the entire review continues with the first edition of Eno Week, which transforms the city into the wine capital: on the weekend of 11 and 12 June, the rose garden at Moncalieri Castle hosts over 80 wine producers from around the world. Italy, on a journey through the area’s fine wines and gastronomic specialties. Among the planned appointments are the widespread dinner on Friday 10 June in restaurants, wine bars, pubs and trattorias that bring the relationship between food and wine to the center of the table and then from 14 to 16 June around the city stories about i.a. vermouth, on the importance of sake in Japanese culture and manga with Jacopo Buranelli and Chicca Vancini and insights into the relationship between wine and travel.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

One month after the great success of Eurovision, artists, personalities and realities who took part in the Euroland Village in Valentino Park in Turin will meet in the magnificent historic center of Moncalieri, in a widespread and free event aimed at rediscovering the city’s streets, squares, courtyards and spaces. Directed by Francesco Astore (Responsible for the cultural programming of Eurovision Village in Turin) together with Stefano Pesca (CEO of Consiste srl, director and artistic director) and to the young organizer Asia Benedinithe exhibition aims to overthrow the concept of aftershows – private and exclusive events arranged immediately after a major event – create an agreement open to all that offers concerts, tastings, a vinyl market, mixology and various exclusive insights such as the preview of what will happen at Apolide Festival 2022.


Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Drone

Saturday the 25th of June was for the first time it Treasure hunt in stages in the historic center: ten routes to travel through time and space in search of the city’s deep soul.


Moncalieri Slot

Club Silencio opens the doors to the castle, Unesco heritage, for the first time, with thematic guided tours, gamification activities, audience engagement and architectural lighting of the rose garden transformed into the apartment into a cocktail bar.


From the balcony of the town hall

Moncalieri. Every step is a discovery it is also an opportunity to rediscover Moncalieresis gastronomic excellence: offal salami, tabasso radish, lard and sausage will be the protagonists of EDIGAM, the widespread gastronomic event scheduled for June 25-26, July 2-3, July 9-10 more than 20 locations. June 16th Savoy dinner at the castle: a taste and entertainment experience with a taste from the nineteenth century to rediscover the fashion of the time, relive the splendor of the court and enjoy a menu inspired by the great Risorgimento lunches curated by chefs Marco Albano, Ugo Fontanone, Enzo Gola, Giorgio Picco.


City overview

Finally, on July 23, a performance of classical music from the balcony of the Palazzo Comunale, organized by the Saturnio Cultural Association.

Claudia Giraud

Born in Turin, she graduated in contemporary art history at the Turin Dams with a dissertation on cultural pollution in Piero Ruggeri’s 1950s image production. Freelance journalist, registered in the register since 2006, she performs journalistic activities for multimedia and print publications in the sector. Since 2011 he has been part of the management staff of Artribune (, he is the editor-in-chief of music and curator, for the printed magazine, the section “Art Music” dedicated to all the projects where the musical language intersects with the visual art. She was an event editor at Exibart ( He has gained professional experience in communication (Press Office “Castello di Rivoli”, “Palazzo Bricherasio”, “Emanuela Bernascone”) and has especially worked as a press officer at the consulting company for contemporary art “Cantiere48” in Turin. He has carried out editorial activities such as editorial coordination, creation and related layout of articles for the press agency specializing in Italians abroad “News Italia Press” in Turin. He has written articles and insights for various specialized and non-specialized magazines (SkyArte, Gambero Rosso, Art Weekly Report and Art Report of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Exibart, Teknemedia, Graphicus, Espoarte, Corriere dell’Arte, La Piazza, Pagina ).

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