Parents ready to defend Sant’Alessandro school: “Members will arrive”

The mayor announces that they intend to close the Sant’Alessandro school, and the parents are mobilizing and preparing to defend it. Mayor Giuseppe Gabri announced the decision through a post on Facebook, and immediately after, the rumor started between the citizens of the village of Castronno and those in the neighboring municipalities who go to school.

A difficult decision, the one that the Gabri junta will have to make, and certainly not very popular. The post raised debate on Facebook, on the mayor’s page and on that of You’re from Castrono see… And he opened a small “political case”: The mayor’s post has been removed from the facebook group. “Last night I was contacted by the administrator of the group” Sei di Castronno se “who asked me not to publish more posts about the group and only use my page – writes the mayor this morning – later he also removed all my previous posts. “I’m sorry for this decision, but I take note and adapt. So my posts are only published on my page”.

Here is the letter signed by representatives of the parents of Sant’Alessandro

From a post published on Facebook, we learned with great regret and bitterness the mayor of Castronno’s intentions to close Sant’Alessandro public school.
To the news’ backlash, which will directly involve many parents who already have older children in school, who according to the mayor will still be able to complete the cycle, was added the confusion over the choice of the channel used for communication. Unexpected communication, posted on social networks, which seems to belittle a sensitive topic that will affect the lives of many resident and non-resident families and above all a fraction that brings its elementary school as its flagship.

This school has always stood out for its peculiarities: great attention to the individual child, cooperation and respect between teachers and families, articulated planning that has allowed the complex to be included among the “pedagogical avant-garde” for outdoor teaching, to have psychomotor skills among the curriculum activities, to win a PON for redevelopment of green areas.
Unfortunately for the next school year 2022/23, first grade was not activated due to lack of enrollment. However, we remember that the year 2016 in the area and the neighbors is marked by the presence of very few births. At a meeting held in February last year with parents’ representatives, the director of the Territorial School Office of Varese, Dr. Carcano, and rector of the Comprehensive Institute. secured their support for school continuity for the following school year 2023/24, if there were numbers to form a class. From a survey conducted among parents of children born in 2017, enrolled in the kindergartens of Castronno, Brunello, Gazzada and Sumirago, it turned out that the minimum number of 15 students to form first grade in the school year 2023/24 would be reached.
We therefore hope that Castrono’s municipal administration, after careful consideration, will decide otherwise. However, it is still a valuable administrative choice to preserve a place of education and culture that is historically rooted in the area.

Mayor of Castronno: “Few children, we are considering closing the Sant’Alessandro school”

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