Newly hired teachers from GPS at the first level: this is where they have to perform the disciplinary test, also via video conference. DECRET Combinations

Newly hired teachers from GPS first band with temporary staff in 2021/222 and conversion of permanent employment from 2022/23 after passing examination and training year as well as disciplinary examination.

The Ministry has issued a decree on the interregional amalgamation of the procedures mentioned in Ministerial Decree of 30 July 2021, No. 242, containing “Extraordinary procedure for the implementation of Article 59 (4) to (9) of the Legislative Decree of 25 May 2021 , n. 73 “. Here’s who needs to move to take the test.

How many teachers are interested

There are 12,282 teachers, of which 11,594 in support positions and 688 in joint positions. The Ministry takes into account the number of fixed-term contracts without taking into account those who, for reasons of law, needed to postpone the probationary and educational year.

In 327 regional procedures there are from 1 to 47 candidates, while in 17 regional procedures there are more than 250 candidates.

By analogy with the provisions of the first STEM competition, the interregional aggregation of procedures is organized for a number of candidates not exceeding fifty.

When will the last disciplinary test take place?

Between the end of the teaching activities and the date 31 July 2022

Where the test is to take place

The Ministry continues with the interregional amalgamation of procedures in the presence of a small number of candidates and the subdivision of the assessment commissions into subcommittees in the presence of a number of candidates incompatible with the aforementioned provisions and with the envisaged timetable for a timely start to the school year.

HERE IS ANNEX A with regional mergers

Annex A identifies the USRs responsible for the various insolvency proceedings. In the hypothesis of territorial aggregation of procedures, the USR identified as responsible for performing the entire procedure must approve the lists of suitable candidates for both
own region and the other regions listed in the same Annex. Separate lists are approved for each region.

It is possible to perform the test in video conference

In the case of interregional aggregation of procedures, at the request of the candidate participating in the regional procedure aggregated to the one where the oral examination takes place, the same may be done via video conference in offices or territorial departments of the regional school office in whose territory it performed time-limited task, using IT and digital tools, while ensuring the adoption of technical solutions that ensure the announcement of the same, identification of participants, as well as communication security and their traceability in accordance with the legislation on personal data protection.

What is the proof?

The disciplinary test consists of a “justification interview” and takes place as required in Ministerial Decree 242 of 31 July 2021

on the programs mentioned in Annex A to Ministerial Decree no. 327/2019 for kindergartens and primary and lower secondary schools and as per Annex A to Ministerial Executive Order no. 201/2020 for primary and secondary schools;

aims to verify

  • for teaching in a common place (for all levels of education), possession and correct practice, in relation to the experience the teacher has gained and validated by passing the basic year of education and probation, of cultural and disciplinary skills regarding. establish the core of the teaching disciplines underlying the competency objectives and the learning objectives provided for in the current rules;
  • for teaching in support positions (for all levels of education), possession and correct practice, in relation to the teacher’s experiences and validated at the passing of the initial year of education and examination, of knowledge and skills directed towards an individualized education planning, which with respect for each student’s rhythms and learning styles and needs identify, in close collaboration with the other members of the class council, balanced interventions between learning and socialization and the full improvement of the skills and potential that the student possesses.

evaluated by a commission outside the teacher’s service school;

It ends with an assessment of suitability or unsuitability;
if it is assessed negatively (hence with an assessment of unsuitability), it implies forfeiture of the procedure and the impossibility of converting the contract indefinitely.

Permanent employment

By positive evaluation of the annual training and examination course and positive assessment of the disciplinary examination, the teachers in question are employed indefinitely starting from 1 September 2021 or from the start date of the service (legal effect) and confirmation of the role in the same educational institution where the teacher has served on a time-limited basis (the negative evaluation of the training and examination process involves repetition of the same; the negative judgment regarding the disciplinary examination implies loss of procedure and the impossibility of converting a contract is indefinite. In this case, the service provided is assessed as a time-limited task).

Decree n. 147 of 30 May 2022

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