Motor Valley Fest, Emilia Romagna celebrates the car industry: No one listens if the rumble is strong

“We come from far away. To go even further. They call us Motor Valley, the Land of the Motors.” Thus begins the bombastic anthem for cars desired and created by the Emilia Romagna region, written by Leo Turrini with the voice of Stefano Accorsi.

There The land of engines is the area between Rimini and Reggio Emilia, a car district with the highest concentration of car and motorcycle manufacturers and 4 international racetracks. Here, politicians think of nothing more than bending cars, financing racetracks, arranging motor shows, taking selfies with cars and wasting public funds.

That Motor Valley Fest, with the whole city transformed into a large exhibition / parade of cars (as if there were not enough of them already), without missing the racetracks for everyone. In Faenza, the municipal council is in jujube broth Engine Arena, a “permanent motor show” inside another suburban mall (owned by US investment fund York Capital Management). Of course, the motor arena is also financed by public funds. TO Reggio Emilia has been waiting for at least a year for the arrival of Silk Faw, a mega-factory for the construction of electric race cars for the super-rich, a Sino-American joint venture, which, however, is slowly on its way, making Bonaccini anxious, who threatens not to provide it expected contributions (other public funds).

In the anxious wait to be able to waste public money for cars, the Region funds this “educational” advertisement. “Here, we come from there, from the earth,” Accorsi declares, passing by the fact that the same country was crushed from one of the most industrialized, motorized, influential and polluting agriculture in the world, “a formidable driving force towards innovation, the incessant development of brave ideas, often daring”.

Highlighted? It appears the day before yesterday when another “bold” cheered: “A motor policy is on its way in Italy and will secure a new decisive conquest for fascist Italy” (cit. Mussolini). A hundred years have passed and we still hear the same superman talking to the same unbearable futuristic rhetoric, married to the left in power. “It’s the pursuit of fun that makes us see a finish line at the end of each stretch,” continues the video from the Emilia Romagna region, “turning every curve into a circuit to be run at full throttle.”

Not infrequently, however, at the end of the corpse, and after the basket with full throttle, turns and find a tree, pole, rock or other unlucky car, with death / disability insured. Instead of advertising against dangerous driving, the region Emilia Romagna pays for advertising texts that praise velocity, runs bravely and ruthlessly. ONE shame, waste of public money, a disrespectful cultural degradation towards the families of the victims, who were killed precisely by speed. And so it continues in a sviolinata for young minds: “Our university centers dedicate treasures of intellectual energy every day to searching for solutions that make green mobility fascinating and captivating”.

However, the true “green” does not consist of ever stronger and faster electric cars, which occupy public space and, like the others, contribute to the risk on the road: the only and true alternative is reduce the number of cars, reduce its power and speed while investing in public transportation and soft mobility, and design car-free cities. But if universities are paid for by the car industry, this transition will be hard to come by.

“We are proud to be a part of the great Italian beauty” continues the melodramatic Stefano Accorsi. “The art, the culture, the charm, the landscape. All true. But let me say that with our ‘racing sounds’ we are the soundtrack to Bel Paese. A postmodern version of Mameli’s hymn. “Well, tell those who live in the middle of the traffic slipping in the big metropolis, for school children near the racetracks, if this soundtrack intoxicates and calms them, it acts as a lullaby and serenade. AroundImola racerbane it’s almost daily hell. Committees and Legambiente have been fighting for years, unheard of. Even the law is suspended. In 2021, Arpae asked to change the acoustic monitoring network because it underestimated the noise pollution from residents near the racetrack. But Imola municipality, the owner of the racetrack, entrusted Formula Imola (the leader) with the task of identifying the locations for the location of sound level meter, who apparently chose more “favorable” positions. Surely he did it for the benefit of the residents, who can now continue to hear Italy’s soundtrack loud and clear (sigh).

Although Formula 1 is one of the most polluting “sports” (if it can be defined as a sports-a-car race!), With a consumption of one hundred kilograms of fuel per. racertime pr. car (to be multiplied by 20 single seats). ), greenwashing is ready around the corner with shovels of paint. It is clear that here too the turning point for a green Formula 1 is expected within a few years! However, since the voltage from the roar of the engines can not be taken from the public, and the F1 can therefore not be made electric, a percentage of “biofuels” are expected, the same as according to. Green peace they do not reduce emissions and are even worse than fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, the government is throwing 2 billion euros (between now and 2024) as a “bonus” for selling more cars (including petrol). The associations, discouraged, remember that with the billions they could be earned 20 thousand school streetsor give free annual passes for public transportation, or buy 5,000 electric buses, in 100 cities.

But no one listens anyway. The roar of the engines is louder. On the other hand, as Accorsi concludes: “We are the past that travels in the present and imagines the future that is already here. Emilia Romagna, Italy”.

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