Mobile show: Made in Italy brands focus on design to overcome the crisis

(Adnkronos) – After two years of pandemic, Milan Design Week is back with the best Made in Italy brands and more, which challenge the crisis by focusing on interpersonal contact and an increasingly centralized production. Control of the production chain, synergy between craftsmanship and technology are the watchwords in an edition focusing on the theme of sustainability, a theme that until a few years ago was considered an obstacle to growth, but which today is an added value that drives our country.

“The last three years have proved complex beyond all expectations. If the challenges of the market are always expected, even if it is difficult to predict, history has overwhelmed us with events that perhaps not even the most daring researchers could have imagined. The rebirth of Events like Milan Design Week are a more than positive sign.It is the return to who we are.In recent years, our great strength, which is the historical strength of Made in Italy, has been to reinvent ourselves and always continue the values ​​that set us apart: the desire to create new materials, new collections, our idea of ​​ceramics always avant-garde and inspiring, without ever forgetting that it is us, with our relationships with customers, who create the added value that ensures that a moment of meeting, comparison and discovery as Design Week is an enrichment and engine for confidence in the future ”, confirms Luca Migliorini, CEO of Terratinta Group, a growing reality in that ceramic sector, which has always provided many satisfactions for our exports.

“This is the moment when key players, ie designers and brands, shape their vision for the future,” repeats Matteo De Lise, Director of the Casa Business Unit of the Unox Casa brand, a world reference in the kitchen sector. “It is also a good opportunity for comparison – he adds – and mutual inspiration. This year more than ever, after the forced pause of the pandemic, it is important to meet again and share how the world will change after covid. Some trends are already clearly taking shape. For example, in the space of the home, there will be an increasingly strong acceleration to the convergence between aesthetics and functionality. Italian technology and design will be among the main catalysts for this transition. In the kitchen, we will especially see the use of professional products, which allow you to achieve results from good chefs, in fully automatic mode and at times reduced to one third. Like our SuperOven from Unox Casa, which helps to create unique experiences to share with friends and family, in the name of cosiness, designs and good food, strictly made in Italy “.

It goes beyond Andrea Margaritelli, brand manager for Listone Giordano, the iconic brand of high-end hardwood floors: “In a world in crisis, crossed by deep social, health and economic ruptures, exposed to many insecurities and pitfalls, often hidden, Milan Design Week forces itself as a kind of expanding ‘universe’, within which you can freely circulate and get in touch with ideas, projects, thoughts in motion, creating a link between companies and creatives from Italy and the world. possible through an interpersonal relationship, to face each other, and in this new phase, also determined by the boundary line marked by the onset of the war, it will be necessary to compete with a rethinking of the business development model in order to face it. any industrial and craft activity, linked to the development of the design concept, there are intangible values ​​as well as tangible products, and the company’s own ability will increase degree to be producing its own recognizable identity in harmony with the authentic meaning of made in Italy “.

Also Michele Moltrasio, President and CEO of Gabel Group, Italian leader in the production of home textiles and the contract sector, talks about made in Italy: “We are strongly convinced that the recovery, in the worst moment for Italian manufacturing, due to the explosion of The cost of raw materials and energy costs of gas and water can only pass through the ability of the Italian brands to know how to show their expertise to the world, conquer market shares and highlight how Italy remains a reference in many sectors, especially in Italian companies must be able to overcome the stalemate and inability to seize the many opportunities, such as initiatives related to the furniture sector, which will animate the first week of June, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone. To do this, we have chosen to focus on what most characterizes our brand identity: the culture ‘made in Italy’, the deep roots in our territory and the know-how that has characterized made in Gabel textiles for sixty-five years.

“The Milan Design Week – he says – is an important point of reference for us: after more than two years of stopping due to the pandemic, we are excited to participate, including with a very important presence both at the fair with the brand Somma1867 and La Suite tailor-made collection , both outside the fair, in our newborn Flasgship Store in Milan with the Gabel1957 brand and the Di Più color Emotion collection, and we will be the main characters in the design week with various valuable collaborations: We have chosen to commit to different partners who share our same values ​​as quality, made in Italy and innovation.We believe that an active participation in Design Week represents a concrete incentive for a rapid recovery in the furniture sector. Last but not least: Design Week represents an important showcase for the local excellence that produces “proudly in Italy”, just like us, and favors the consolidation and economic-commercial development of the latter in foreign markets der “.

Gianluca Salciccia, Sales Manager for Linea Light Group, International Leader in the Lighting Sector, talks about sharing and comparison in the design sector: “This is Design Week for the real reboot, with an unprecedented hype. Linea Light Group participates both directly and by relaunching the Stilnovo brand, which returns to where it grew up, namely exhibitions. It is not only an opportunity to ‘take the course’ in a week full of events that will be remembered in the years to come, but also a moral duty to show, like many other realities, that Italian design is in excellent health, and that despite the present historical period, one can still look to the future with hope. In this sense, Design Week represents a very high moment to share ideas, thoughts, values. And we all know how much the importance of knowing how to share and knowing how to compare in a constructive way is universally recognized today.

“Design Week is perfect for managing moods and trends in society, an essential necessity otherwise – explains Lorenzo Pascucci, founder first of the Milan Contract District and now of Livinwow, the new interior design platform launched at Fuorisalone 2022 – there is a risk of not Livinwow is a coherent response to an innovative vision of the home, stemming from input from the “home” world translated into a “home lifestyle” capable of responding to the changing functional needs that followed with the pandemic period: smart work, remote conference, father and homeschooling, greater sustainability and growth demand for space for outdoor living.It is aimed at the metropolitan generations, from X to Millenials, who have a modern lifestyle, want a distinctive interior design but have limited financial resources. Livinwow has a B2B2C logic at the moment, but in the days of Fuorisalone we decided to open the showroom for the new brand also for the bre the public. In fact, we want to be in dialogue with those we approach and understand if we fully grasp their new needs ”.

An international point of view helps to confirm the idea. Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Danish Carl Hansen & Søn, agrees with the importance of the square and the Milanese initiative and states: “As a company in the furniture sector, Milan Design Week is one of the most important events of the year for Carl Hansen & Søn. Milan is a nerve center for design, and Milan Design Week is the perfect stage to present our company and the news we launch.In addition, we have a flagship store located in the heart of Milan in Brera, which offers us a ‘natural’ platform to present our collection for the Milanese public throughout the year, but above all that is actively animated during the week dedicated to design.Milan Design Week is also an important moment for us to meet customers and the press, both Italian and international, given the cosmopolitan breath After more than two years of absence due to Covid-19, we are happy to participate and believe that the initiative represents a concrete incentive for a speedy recovery. the design sector and the city of Milan, a symbol of international design creativity. ”

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