Marsala, the Museum-School project has been completed

Dozens of young people experienced the Lilibeo-Marsala Archaeological Park on the occasion of the last day of the School-Museum project, where the didactic notebook “Lilibeo and the Sea” created by the schools of Marsala was presented.

Following the first didactic notebook “Lilibeo, my city”, this second notebook completes the course that started with the area’s elementary and middle schools to discover the city’s historical memory.

Funded by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, directed by Franco Fazio through Service 5 – Valuation with Maddalena De Luca, the project was coordinated by the rapporteur for education services, Eleonora Romano with the collaborating archaeologist Fabrizio Ducati, who actively involved the children in the didactic workshops conducted “in the field”.

“Projects such as those carried out by the Lilibeo Archaeological Park – emphasizes the Regional Councilor for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity, Alberto Samonà – are an important educational tool because they are based on direct experience with historical evidence. Living in cultural sites and re-acquiring the territory you live in is a way of preserving and strengthening the historical identity of the whole community, I’m sure the children will carry this experience in their hearts and will pass on the value of the lived experience to their families. is not only a place dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of goods, but it is a material encyclopedia to be experienced, a training ground for the younger generations.

Through educational workshops and participatory visits to the museum, the young visitors traveled an experiential journey through the various historical periods, from the Punic-Roman period to the Middle Ages, where Lilibeo, a bridgehead to and from Africa, formed a dynamic commercial and artisanal center becoming a multi-ethnic city .

Volume – created with the graphic contribution of the young people who participated in the project – explores the relationship between ancient Lilibeo and the sea, an important link due to Marsala’s strategic position, the crossroads between the peoples and civilizations of the Mediterranean, as evidenced by the numerous historical relics, including the Punic ship and the Roman ship Marausa, on display at the museum.

“To meet the schools in a difficult moment – said the director of the archeological park, Anna Maria Parrinello -” The museum went to school “pursues the goal of inclusion, dialogue and knowledge, managed to involve the largest possible number of schools, even far from the historical center, in the belief that access to culture is everyone’s right.For us, the museum is a place to live, even in a playful way, to draw on the history of the finds that contain the knowledge needed to meet, the with the past, the present and building the future. “

“Deepening the relationship with the sea, which has always characterized Lilibeo’s history – says Eleonora Romano – has made children aware of the fundamental role that Marsala has played over the centuries, and of understanding the existing relationship with the neighboring villages of Africa.”

The museum, which was established in 1986 to house and exhibit the famous wreck of the Punic ship, has over the years been enriched with other wrecks, including in 2019 of the late Roman ship, as well as a very rich collection of amphorae and other finds, by become an important naval museum center in the Mediterranean.

“It is no coincidence that the Carthaginians chose Capo Boeo to found a new city – archaeologist Fabrizio Ducati emphasizes – the thin strip of sea that separates Marsala from Africa has never been a barrier, but rather a bridge between two cultures; the names of things “the hundreds of objects found, the remains of the boats, the traditional dishes and the names of the districts testify to this. All testimonies of goods, men and ideas that have always been in motion in the Sicilian canal”.

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