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LG SIGNATURE, the ultra-premium household appliance brand that is part of the LG Electronics group that pays homage to art and beauty in technology, presents the short film Hide and Seek (found on this page), a project signed by Francesca Molteni and produced by Muse Factory of Projects, which marks a new chapter in the brand’s collaboration with Molteni & C.

The setting of the film, in the elegant Molteni & C showroom. where high-end appliances and furniture are in perfect harmony, it shows the closeness between the two brands, united by a unique aesthetic vision that translates into expertise, sophistication and natural elegance. This scenography, which tells the LG SIGNATURE lifestyle, also inspired the new layout of the area dedicated to the brand’s products in the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom, fully furnished with the Molteni & C collections.

LG Fuorisalone 2022

The collaboration will also continue in the near future in the Contract Atelier of Molteni & C in Milan, an innovative space dedicated to housing contracts, and in the Co van der Horst boutique concept store in Amsterdam. Hide and Seek will be shown until June 12 on floor -1 of the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom (Via Manzoni 47). It is also already available on the official LG SIGNATURE website: www.lg.com/global/lg-signature/showroom, and above all it is available below on this page.

LG puts Signature on Hide And Seek

It’s a magical, joyful and fun world that leads us to HIDE AND SEEK, a short film conceived, written and produced by Muse for LG SIGNATURE. It’s the discovery of a new planet where two children, Vicky and Marty, brother and sister, lead us by the hand. They step into a real space, a design environment, a world of seemingly lifeless objects and find themselves lost, enchanted, captured by the wonderful appearance of new, unexpected friends.

They play hide-and-seek, chase each other, get lost, and eventually the new LG SIGNATURE collection becomes the main character in the story: the technology in the LG SIGNATURE products seems to be activated as if by magic, luminous panels that open automatically . doors and drawers and unfolds before the curious eyes of Vicky and Marty the majesty of a scrolling TV screen.

The magic of technology shows children how the latter can be human, tailored to their needs, functional, stimulating and creative a tool to imagine a different, better future, even at home.

The set is Molteni & C’s showroom, immersed in the dark, while the art director is Francesca Molteni. The light is switched on and the surroundings become visible, room by room. LG SIGNATURE products are in place: Rollable OLED TV, OLED 8K TV, refrigerator, wine cabinet, washer dryer and air purifier. They are introduced and presented one by one, just like the actors in a show.

Rollable Oled Tv, LG’s signature

LG SIGNATURE ROLLABLE OLED TV is the world’s first rollable TV and redefines the TV concept with a variable shape design made possible by OLED technology: a product that revolutionizes home entertainment and redefines space through its ability to roll out and roll up by touching a button.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R can actually be transformed to offer three different viewing options: Full View, which offers a total screen extension; Line View, with partially unrolled screen from which you can access useful features such as Clock, Frame, Mood, Music and Home Dashboard; Zero View, where all 65 ” are hidden, allowing you to enjoy music and audio content. The LG SIGNATURE ROLLABLE OLED TV is a true game changer for the interior design of the future. Exclusive and revolutionary, it is an engineering and design triumph that puts the user experience at the center.

The LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TV redefines the picture quality and creates an incredibly realistic and immersive experience thanks to a high Ultra HD 8K resolution and its 33 million luminous pixels that deliver perfect black colors, vibrant colors and ultra-sharp images.

Winner of the iF Design Award 2021, the LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K boasts a sophisticated and minimalist design thanks to the brushed aluminum stand and a virtually borderless screen. In addition to excellent picture quality, OLED 8K TV offers full compatibility with the latest content standards and formats and is packed with features that add distinctive value, such as support for Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 PRO and Filmmaker Mode, which allows movies, TV series , documentaries and sports to come to life through images and sounds of the highest quality.

Signature, which is also the fridge in Hide And Seek

The LG SIGNATURE InstaView refrigerator is a jewel of technology and style for the kitchen, equipped with advanced features for proper food preservation and features that make the user experience unique. InstaView technology allows you to view the contents inside the refrigerator without having to open it, thanks to the special darkened glass window on the door, which becomes transparent with two simple handshakes. Door-to-door technology allows you to open only part of the door to access the most commonly used foods, reducing the spread of cold air. For proper food storage, the refrigerator is equipped with LinearCooling technology, which guarantees precise temperature control that keeps fluctuations within and no more than half a degree Celsius. The refrigerator also ensures high energy efficiency and reduced noise thanks to the Linear Inverter compressor. The user experience is unique and can be customized thanks to the adjustable shelves, the Custom Chill drawer with adjustable temperature and the Auto Open functions in the door and the drawers, which allow you to open the refrigerator doors and drawers without the use of hands. by touching a smart sensor located at the bottom of the refrigerator in case of the door or automatically in case of drawers. With a solid body in Textured Steel stainless steel and a minimalist and refined style, the refrigerator’s design is flawless and suitable for any kind of home environment.

LG Signatures other products seen in Hide And Seek

The LG SIGNATURE InstaView wine cabinet is the perfect solution for lovers of expertise and good wine. Its advanced technology allows you to control temperature and humidity, as well as minimize vibration and exposure to light.

The tinted glass panel with mirror coating protects the wines from light and allows, through a single double tap on the glass (InstaView function), to see the inside of the cellar and thus avoid having to open the door when not needed. Multi Temperature Control creates the ideal storage conditions for the different types of wine, thanks to the ability to create three temperature-controlled zones. The Linear Inverter compressor significantly reduces vibrations and, together with the optimal humidity control, allows the aromatic profile of the wines to be maintained by keeping the air inside the cellar uniform and with an optimal moisture level. With a capacity of 65 bottles, the wine cooler includes a convertible drawer, with adjustable temperatures from fridge to freezer, and an Auto Lift drawer that lifts automatically with a button for easy access to food and beverages. The Auto Open feature allows you to open the door without using your hands, simply by touching a smart sensor on the base.

The TWINWash washer dryer is the perfect solution for those who want to save time and consumption. It allows you to wash two washes at the same time: in the upper part a washer-dryer that washes 12 kg and dries 7 kg, with heat pump technology; in the lower part a washing machine placed horizontally with a capacity of 2 kg, ideal for delicate items. A timeless design, with a porthole in hardened glass, in which the touch display is located, which controls both washing machines in a simple and intuitive way. The scratch-resistant enamelled coating expresses the research in combining elegant shapes and durability of materials. With the self-dosing system, it is no longer necessary to fill detergent, because the washing machine automatically dispenses detergent and rinse aid from the special tank in relation to the set program. The washer and dryer uses Centum System technology, which ensures reliability, silence and the best energy efficiency.

The LG SIGNATURE air purifier makes the environment fresh and disinfected thanks to its ability to filter dust, remove odors and humidify the environment. The filters detect the level of fine particles of different thickness (PM10-PM2.5-PM1) and absorb and purify the water evaporated by the engine at high speed, spreading a feeling of freshness. Air quality can always be monitored thanks to a simple interface with color indicators, from red to green. To always ensure maximum hygiene, a UV light disinfects the water in the tank before spreading it into the air with humidification. The filters are then dried to prevent the formation of viruses and bacteria. The air purifier is also extremely convenient to handle: the tank can be pulled out of the cleaning body for easy cleaning. Thanks to the LG ThinQ app, which is available for free for iOS and Android, you can monitor and manage the air purifier directly from your smartphone, even when you are away from home.

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