Italamp with designer Bellini for the musical lamp “La”

It is the first luminous object designed by the designer and creator Camilla Bellini it presented by Italamp at Milan Design Week 2022. The project is called “DER“And there is a lamp where light and sound become one: its name is actually reminiscent of the musical tone ‘A’ that the lamp reproduces when lit, a sound traditionally interpreted as a vibration in harmony with the human being whose listening causes a sense of calm and relaxation.

The letters that make up the name “LA” are also the central part of the name of the lighting mark, the intention is to evoke a feeling of rebirth which starts from the heart of Italamp. For concept in addition, the designer took as his starting point the image of the flower bud, also a symbol of birth. Involvement is therefore multisensory (touch, sight, hearing) and with the reproduction at the lighting of the reference point to tune the musical instruments, the lamp ideally gives after (in fact it is also said “to give la”) for a new beginning, in every moment of the day.

I wanted to make a product that also had a strong story that had a distinctive sound explains the designer -. It is a lamp that announces itself, a light that is listened to, moreover, it is a good warning. The collaboration between the designer and the company began with a “la”, thanks to a comment from Bellini on a post on Instagram from Francesca Fascina as with his cousin Andrea Carollo represents the third generation of the entrepreneurial family.

Italamp, Camilla Bellini

Graphically, the lamp is characterized by a light gold metal cage, in which there is a white glass knob made with craftsman technique of the “cage spirit”. An old Murano craftsmanship of the lanterns, where the glass is blown directly into the structure: Once it has taken shape, the glass undergoes a particularly lengthy cooling process thanks to the narrowing of the cage to ensure that the material does not lose its strength. The glass tries to overcome the narrowing of the metal, escapes spontaneously and creates a harmonious series of natural curvatures until it is completely cooled.

The project is presented in the studio’s room Studio Deco Group, concept store in the heart of Milan, where the high turnout of enthusiasts and professionals in the sector during the evening presentation event was reminiscent of the event before Covid. The space, which for the occasion is set up as a set that combines music and theater, focuses on “LA”, which becomes the star of the scene. Inside, the shop is decorated with furniture, objects and decorative elements in an eclectic style, while the lighting is entrusted chandelier, Italamp wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps, which are main characters at “LA”. A series of pictorial works by the artist enrich the theatrical setting Piero Figuracharacterized by bright colors that suggest the theme of drapery.

Despite 80% exports with a strong component linked to the Russian market, Italamp is, after an initial slight slowdown, back in full operation even with consolidated customers in these areas. “Since last year, we have implemented a diversification of markets with a focus on Asia also in collaboration with WeChat “, says Francesca Fascina, who is joined by Carollo, who explains how the company has tried to respond to the critical geopolitical context with proactivity and looked for new directions. “When situations become unstable, you have to open your mind to the new and accept the challenge – he explains -. Looking ahead, we intend to consolidate our Italian market and grow in a thoughtful way in the United States. Through the international and cross-cutting leitmotif of music, as for the ‘LA’ lamp, we will be in harmony with the various markets “. The lamp is now ready for a journey that will see it debut in major cities from Dubai to London, from Berlin to Paris.

Italamp, “LA” by Camilla Bellini

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