Inclusion. I am Emanuele, the experience of a “unique” student

We receive from one of our readers and publish the following article, signed by Emanuele Puglisi.

It was a tiring school year, almost on the verge of giving it up, consisting of new changes, but above all of upheavals; consists of small steps, some fast, faster, others a little slower, as if to make me appear, at certain moments, still in my learning, in my desired autonomy, in my change.

I learned that in school as well as in the family there are rules that must be observed, but that one can find teachers who are able to “twist them” when necessary, who know how to go and look beyond and who mother says, be gods “Pillars” to strongly support the journey for us, the most fragile students, thus eliminating some difficulties, respecting the biopsychosocial model that every teacher should strive for; at other times, instead, just as any good parent should do, pose ourselves small challenges to encourage us to face normalcy, respect our time, and participate in our daily growth, in the positive “course change.”


In fact, I was taught that school, even for those who have a hard time believing it, observing it with the eyes of normalcy, accepting it, for those living in the shadow of an “H”can and must be the place of change and the change that my prof. supports does not necessarily start by entering a classroom, if this is not feasible, with a task to be performed, by a short reading operation, by a little math exercise or again with a sheet that you can just write or draw on, but from the look, from the smile, from making people understand the value of a handshake, from irony, from empathy, from knowledge transform “H” of “Handicap” to a “U” of “Unique” and last but not least a hug. And that is precisely the embrace that was given to me first and foremost, and which at the end of the year was the greatest teaching for me, because I learned to give it to other children, to my teachers, and with it, with fullness. , I was able to hold back and at the same time return the many words, the many lessons that I have been taught in my moments of anger, mistrust, tears, crises, “escape” from others, at other times from myself, of many “I do not know why …”, but also of laughter, of provoked or spontaneous emotions. One step at a time, one task at a time, until I was accompanied, with unconsciousness and amazement, within these words, many who made me feel at this school, the Majorana Higher Institute of Palermo, included and integrated.

But all this would never have happened if, first of all, I had not gained the confidence that “I can handle it”, anticipated by the many “you are fine Manu!”, To learn to accept and trust encouraging words from Grace Gottusomy assistant to autonomy, of those of Francesco Augello my prof of support that guided me in the direction of “resisting”, of “enduring”, of “challenge”, because, as he maintains: “opening up to change also means accepting to endure the change itself and in the end only by resisting can we understand it, the real meaning, the real challenge “; a transformation that many today, at the end of this school year, are able to see more in me than I myself am unable to perceive and comprehend. The scholastic collaborators in the Via Olimpo complex, like the lady, also observed and confirmed this Marianna Di BellaSir Paolo Reraladies Rosa Mignano and many others who with a watchful eye have seized every single gesture of mine and even the rediscovered smile or hug, where every day I am less and less distant from everyone, despite my times and my stable and rules of serenity.

The e-book

This is my experience, in E-book photo album just me, Emanuelein each picture lived my most striking moments of this school year, as if to mark the small steps forward, day after day, my changes and with them say thank you to the school, to all those who have been able to be and be, even before I am professor and educator, master in accompanying myself in the experiences that I have been able and able to mature and experience.

If I could, this would surely have been what I would have written in my own hand, but in confidence I left it to my prof.’S support to interpret for me my school experience, my feelings, what I do every day through my gaze, my words, my sudden mood swings along with my changing aspects were able to communicate even in long moments of silence.

Again, just thank you!

Emanuele Puglisi

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