Hassan teaches at the age of 20 at the school where he graduated

Iqbal Ain Ul Hassan, or simply Prof Hassan for his studentsis a boy of only twenty, who after a few setbacks, now he teaches mechanics at the Taddia Brothers Technical Institute in Cento, in Emilia Romagna.

Photo source: via Fanpage.it

Hassan has recently accepted role as a substitute teacher at the school where she graduated just a year ago. But so is the 20-year-old in question bachelor student engineer; so let’s find out in detail what made him take a seat on the other side of the chair.

Hassan: from student to teacher in a few months only 20 years old

“Some students struggled to call me her, especially those older than me. Others put me to the test for the first few months and asked me questions that roamed them. They wanted to see if I was really prepared, if I deserved it. their respect. “. So he begins Hassan, polled by Fanpage.it who told his whole story.

Rector of the Taddia Brothers Institute in Cento, Elena Accorsi, intervened to explain how it is possible to sit in the chair only twenty years old without degrees, as regards Hassan: “This is a particularly thorny and complex issue. In Italy, it is increasingly difficult to find the so-called ITP, Technical Practical Teachers. There are very few of them. Furthermore, competitions and rankings are structured in such a way that often topics such as da. “Mechanics and laboratory techniques are taught by professors who have studied other things. After Covid, we found ourselves in the situation of having to replace the professor of mechanics, but we could not find any.”

Continue at this point the head teacher: “We got the glimpse of genius. Since the basic requirement to teach this subject is to have a high school diploma, we said to ourselves ‘but we have a high school graduate!’. And we called Hassan.”

So, Prof Hassan is described by the Rector like a “facilitator”. “In addition to being extremely prepared, he also has so-called soft skills. He is able to create a positive environment around him, he has always helped his teammates, he knows how to listen.”Accorsi explains.

Teacher at 20, after being rejected

“I would like to point out that I have not always been so good. Once I did not like to study, I was lethargic, I would never go to school. In eighth grade I was also rejected “, entrusts Hassan on Fanpage. “And that is precisely why I will say to my students, but also to those who listen to me: even if you have been rejected, do not give up. It has happened to me and today I am at this time. point. Study, elaborate, be passionate about it. Today without it. Study can do nothing “, says the boy. And in fact Hassan he likes his students a lotso much so that the same Prof proudly tells it as he took over the reins of his classmany students had gods debt: “Today I managed to bring them all together”.

But this road was not easyYes “In the beginning, it was strange to have Hassan as a teacher.”admits Gabriele Cotromano, pupil of Hassan. “But then it dawned on us how much it helps us to have a professor the same age as us. He understands things that those who are older no longer remember, they know what it means to be on the other side of the professorship because they have just been there. They understand our. difficulties and manage to help us “.

Hassan explains that students in his class even have to look at the phone during questioning and the tasks he assigns: “The Importance of These Exercises – Hassan clarifies – is to make them think and simulate a real situation. If you are in the workshop and the customer brings you the damaged car, you can also do all the research on the phone you want, but if you do not know how to reason, then analyze the problem and if you do not know specifications for that car, do not go far “.

Finally, Hassan talks about how in the classroom and in the laboratory he is forced to deal with a monster that is hard to beat: bullying. “There’s one thing I just can not stand and for which I have given so many notes. It is bullying.”says the new teacher and then specifies: “As long as you joke, that’s fine. But it’s very clear when the joke ends, because there’s one who no longer laughs while the other continues.”

So Prof Hassan he says he was the first to be bullied in his school years: “To those who experience this kind of violence, I would say: do not give it to the bullies. Study, think about your future”.

On the other hand, he does not have an answer as clear when asked what would he say to thugs: “I have no words for them, because I can not understand what motivates their actions, what makes one person enjoy humiliating another. But I would have something to say to the parents of bullies: stay behind your children and do not give them everything they ask for. In many cases it is the parents who ruin their children, this year as a teacher I really saw it. They raise spoiled children who have much more than they deserve and therefore they no longer understand their value “ Hassan ends.

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