for the region Verdi Pn theater is the engine of local culture

“Summer Continues” also hosts in the mountains promoting places and values ​​communities

Pordenone, June 9 – The Verdi Theater in Pordenone, and the cultural world of Western Friuli in general, have understood the value and importance of the socialization of culture, intended as a means of making the whole territory grow. The city’s institution has become a point of reference and a cultural engine for the whole community, circling the theater, leaving the city and reaching places like the valleys of this part of the region, strengthening their peculiarities and providing a service to the locals.

Thus, the Regional Councils of Culture and Mountains summed up their speech today during the press conference in Pordenone, where three important events organized by the Giuseppe Verdi Theater were presented. As part of the program “Summer Continues”, the details of the peace concert scheduled for July 25 were illustrated, where the orchestra and choir from the Bologna Municipal Theater will be conducted by Ukrainian director Oksana Lyniv on the Pordenone stage. On 31 July, the “Mountain Project” starts with some theatrical performances planned in the Pordenone Valleys in collaboration with the Italian Alpine Club and finally the presence of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra in Pordenone, which selects and groups the best young European musicians.

The Cultural Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia wanted to highlight the important function that provincial theaters can have in Italy as an engine for the cultural growth of an area. In this sense, he highlighted the role that Verdi di Pordenone has taken on over time, also thanks to a very fruitful substrate that in Destra Tagliamento has allowed the birth and growth of various important initiatives. However, the Commissioner also recalled how, in a region that is culturally rich like ours and with production that spans all areas, it is necessary to take another step forward by supporting the realities that need to take another step forward. to reach full maturity. In this sense – it was recalled – the Verdi Theater is one of the institutions that knows how to create a system that makes its contribution to making the cultural production of Destra Tagliamento take a qualitative leap.

The regional councilor for the mountain Stefano Zannier was also present at the press conference, which congratulated the president of the Verdi theater for wanting to dedicate, also thanks to the collaboration with CAI, part of the summer programming for the Pordenone mountain area … The program includes four events in particular, involving Val d’Arzino, Valcellina and Val Tramontina with a concert and three theatrical performances. In his speech, the representative of the management wanted to emphasize the importance of these cultural initiatives in mountain areas, as they enrich the lives of the residents and thus give a signal of attention to the areas in the region that suffer more and more from depopulation. .

In addition, the Commissioner highlighted how the mountainous areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia have great development potential due to the naturalistic value of the sites, which could be further enhanced thanks to events such as those planned by the Verdi Theater in Pordenone. ARC / AL / ma

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