culture, tourism and knowledge on the theme of water

Have you ever thought of your day as a function ofwater? And have you ever looked at your territory from the point of view of water resources? Waidy Wow Let’s do it. The app, born from ACEA to bring to life an awareness project about the importance of water and its intelligent use, it has become something more: Today, Waidy Wow is community, tourism, sustainability, culture.

You can download the app from both the App Store and Google Play.

Waidy Wow

Those who love water are ready to get on board, while those who have not yet understood how valuable each drop can be should all the more reason to take responsibility for an app that can explain just as well , as the water that surrounds us is. an integral part of our relationship with the environment.

The Impact of Waidy WOW

A symbiotic and basic relationship, all too often underestimated, but on the occasion of it Green Med Symposium (June 8-10, Stazione Marittima di Napoli) will find the spotlight in the ACEA project.

In fact, Waidy WOW not only includes an interactive mapping of over 50,000 public water points (where you can drink and refill your bottles) across the country, including fountains, fountains and water houses, but also brings together waterway routes among Italian villages and natural landscapes (to promotion of eco-sustainable tourism), and a range of articles and insights into a smart and ecological life. Over time, Waidy has evolved into an integrated digital ecosystem of innovative and sustainable solutions to be made available to stakeholders and citizens, which include various services such as the Waidy Management System (WMS), the water cycle management system, the Waidy POINT (digital counter). to reduce the digital divide) and Waidy Connect, which uses technology to gather information and assessments on water consumption and quality.

The app also includes tourist routes and tools for monitoring hydration, systems for reporting water network anomalies, certified information on quality and consumption, as well as ongoing news that flows like rich streams along riverbeds.

The smart approach allows you to put the message in the hands of anyone who is able to collect it, and becomes an integral part of a movement that lives on knowledge and thirsts for intelligence. This is respect for water: it is to understand the mistakes of the past, it is to reason on the strategies of the present, it is the metabolism of inherent risks in a future that we have put on the wrong tracks.

Like this Simone ZambleraHead of Tender Unit and Waidy Project Coordinator:

We are very pleased to be present with the Waidy project at the Green Med Symposium, an important opportunity for discussion for the growth of the South from a point of view of environmental sustainability. In this context, the conscious use of water is certainly an essential element, and together with the promotion of a culture that improves the resource, it is the goal that the Waidy ecosystem intends to promote through the dissemination of virtuous behavior that allows the development of territories. also with innovation and digitization applied to the water universe.

A simple app on your smartphone can be a window to a new way of seeing the world around you. A world made of water and humans, where the two sides must coexist in the best possible balance to avoid that the consequences can weigh on both. This and all the nuances were discussed in the “water sustainability” roundtable at the Galatea Partner Stage by Green Med Symposium, where Waidy Wow sparked the discussion around a crucial issue for the future and essential for the present: from nature to politics, transient through an app, tickles sensitivity and cultivates culture.

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