Cragg, Cucchi, Paladino and Fabre light up Blindarte’s modern and contemporary auction

Between ancient and modern, between Naples and Milan: the summer auctions of Blind. Tony Cragg, Enzo Cucchi, Mimmo Paladino and Jan Fabre are just some of the artists leading the sales in Milan. Here is an overview of catalog from modern art e Contemporary

Traditionally the auction house Blind gives collectors an agreement with physical sales twice a year, spring and fall. At the same time, different online auctions of different types are held. In this month of June, the current proposals are dedicated to both ancient and contemporary back, divided between Naples and Milan.

Wednesday, June 2916.00, auction n. 102 af Art objects and antiques and old and 19th century paintings (read more here) and from kl. 18 in Milan auction n. 103 of Modern and contemporary art. Both sales will take place in connection between the two locations.

The second catalog consists of above 220 games. Among them of greater importance is the impressive sculpture Forminifera from Tony Cragg, made in 1990 in sandblasted and perforated plaster. The work, which has 12 elements, is inspired by the macro- and microstructures found in nature. Cragg explores the complex relationships between the natural world and the one created by man through an innovative and distinctive sculptural language. As a researcher, he explores the properties of different materials in a process where observation becomes a much sharper method than tactile contact, as the gaze, combined with the power of the imagination, penetrates deeper into the object. As a physical boundary of sight and touch, the surface of the sculpture represents an enduring challenge for Cragg.

Tony Cragg

Especially in the row of Forminifera, gaps are the method used to overcome this visual and conceptual limitation. The holes, both metaphorically and literally, offer a complex vision of the sculpture that changes and expands the spectrum of sensations and emotions that the work evokes. In a 2004 interview, the artist himself explained “… these works have been developed into a work that I have called Forminifera, which is a fossil, a microscopic fossil skeleton. There are billions of variations of these forms. No two are alike, which amazed me from the start … I do not try to copy nature or evolution in what I do, but somehow it was important always the idea of ​​staying long enough close to the foundation of the creation of Structures “(Walter Smerling (edited by), Anthony Cragg, Things on the Mind, Cologne, 2011). The work appreciates 250,000 / 350,000 euros.

Among the other most important works is the impressive Diptykon of Enzo Cucchi. “Untitled” from 1986 is a monumental work made on 2 panels of dry pigment on concrete and metal (2 wheels for each panel). For Cucchi, painting, sculpture and drawing are the necessary tools to externalize one’s interior, a direct connection with one’s unconscious; his images belong to a poetic universe that often alludes to the popular world and its culture. Considered the most visionary artist among the exponents of Transavanguardia, Cucchi, from the eighties, became an artist of international fame. And in 1986, when he recently turned 36, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York hosted his first American museum exhibition, including the important work at auction of Blind. It was not a flashback, but an opportunity for the artist to create ad hoc works. In a tondo or in a horizontal painting, resting on iron wheels, Cucchi introduces some of his great themes. Using images of rocks, bombs, snakes and prehistoric-looking people, he expresses his feelings for Italy, history, myths, art and evil. The work is up for auction with an estimate of euros 120,000 / 160,000.

Enzo Cucchi

Always related to Trans-avant-garde two works by Mimmo Paladino and Sandro Chia. The great painting Hortus from Paladin, built in 1994 is estimated at 90,000 / 120,000 euros. Paladino draws inspiration from a wide range of themes and stylistic registers, especially from Egyptian, Etruscan, Roman and early Christian art, and understands art as a timeless creation that generates thought and knowledge in the observer. Hans is a non-illustrative, non-narrative, but figurative language; the image arises from the propagation and layering of signs and materials: the surface is covered with successive layers of plaster and paint, clean, material, and entanglements and fragments of signs and symbols are created, which sometimes declare a meaning, sometimes alluding to something else, sometimes they hide. Worked with Sandro Chia, Sitting figure with teddy bear listening to voices (Face riddle with teddy bear) from 1991, with very intense colors, is estimated at 26,000 / 32,000 euros. The human figure is always the protagonist of Chia’s art and is depicted while resuming, or rather teasing, the typical poses of ancient sculpture. The bust actually follows an underlined, unnatural twist, while the eyes are at least twice as large as normal, in a continuous crossing of the boundary between fantasy, dream and reality.

Mimmo Paladino
Sandro Chia

Among the most attractive works on the international market are works by Yayoi Kusama, one of the most well-known and most sought-after living artists of all, whose career in recent years has had a very strong acceleration and at the same time the market for his works. The work “DRESS (A)” from 1996, acrylic, collage and fabric on canvas, exhibited at the exhibition 1996/97 in Momacon, Fukuoka, is presented at auction with an estimate of € 50,000 / 80,000. There is also great attention to the beautiful gouache of Anish Kapoor, created in 2014 with vibrant colors and sculptural references typical of the research of the great Mumbai artist. Contingent 50,000 / 70,000 euros.

Yayoi Kusama
Anish Kapoor

The fallen sky it is instead the work of the duo of artists, Russian in origin, but New Yorker by adoption, Ilya And Emilia Kabakov. Made with wood, paint and metal in 2006, the work is the model of the installation realized in monumental dimensions in the UN Park in Geneva and on the beach in Nieuwpoort in Belgium, and represents a conceptual work of great importance, full of narrative and it gets us to reflect on the artists’ vision of their country of origin. It is estimated at € 50,000 / 70,000.

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov

Spectacular is the great work on paper, acqueremo and biro blu, from 1992 onwards Jan Fabre, “Untitled” from the Metamorphosis series. The work, 235 × 150 cm, will be presented at auction with an estimate of € 65,000 / 75,000. For the Belgian artist, this is not the first time at Blindarte. We remember the excellent result achieved by the great work The Loyal Guide of Vanity sold for almost 118,000 euros in June last year.

Jan Fabre

Among the most important works at this auction is also a beautiful painting of André Masson of 1954-55, with the title Lavandières. The work, which with the typical features of the great artist portrays a group of laundries who intend to carry out their work, and which comes from the Galerie Leiris in Paris (60,000 / 80,000 euros) and the beautiful paper from Fernand Léger from 1948, from title le coq jaune (€ 20,000 / 25,000).

André Masson
Fernand Léger

Published in the catalog raisonné edited by Germano Celantthe canvas of Carla Accardi by title Red-dark gray of 1998 (40,000 / 60,000 euros). The beautiful painting of Except by title Ldownstream, made in 2003 (120 × 90 cm) and registered in the Salvo archive (40,000 / 60,000 euros). Remarkable is also Cellotex W1acrylic and vinavil on cellotex from 1980 by Alberto Burriestimated 25,000 / 30,000 euros and the photograph of Gino De Dominicis“Untitled (the immortal)”, a work created with 4 black and white photographs in 1970, exhibited several times and published in the catalog raisonné (20,000 euros / 25,000 euros).

Carla Accardi
Alberto Burri
Gino De Domenicis

Also noteworthy is the presence at the auction of the 6 famous graphics of Roy Lichtenstein Still life, from Six Still life. With an estimate between 10,000 and 15,000 euros, the 6 works make up the complete folder numbered 7/100 of the famous work published in 1974 by Multiples Inc and Leo Castelli. Remarkable is also a group of works by Carlo Alfanoan important painting of James Brown from 1984 (estimated 14,000 / 18,000 euros), a work of Mario Merz, coming from the Lucio Amelio Gallery in Naples (estimated 22,000 / 32,000 euros). Among the most interesting new artists should be mentioned: Davide Balliano, Peppi Bottrop, Ethan Cook, Jonathan Monk, Karin Davie, Jan De Cock, Jonathan Meese.

Roy Lichtenstein (game 142)
Mario Merz
Jonathan Monk

It will be possible to participate, by being present in one of the 2 rooms, live after registering on, by telephone or by written offer, by registering with special forms that can be downloaded from the auction house’s website.

The auction lots 102 takes place in Naples from Monday the 13th to Friday the 17th. (from 9.30 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18.15) and from Monday 20 June every day until the auction day, including the weekend (from 9.30 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18). .

View a selection of items from auction 103 is running in Naples until Friday, June 10 (from 9.30 to 13.15 and from 15.00 to 18.15) in connection with the exhibition of the lots at auction 102 of antique paintings and XIX-XX century, and then again on Monday the 13th June (same) timetables). From Monday 20 June until the auction date, all the lots present at the auction will be exhibited at Blindarte Milan’s headquarters between 10.30-19.00 (every day, including weekends).

Modern and contemporary art

Milan, June 29, 2022

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